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Email Simon.Harrington at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 23/03/1984
Quote Who wants everything? I'll settle for 90%.
Home Page None
Cool Link http://www.arseblog.com
Favourite Band Red Sparrowes
Joined Wed Apr 4 2007
Bio Since moving away from London, the supposed hearbeat of the UK music scene, I have developed a love for the subverse and down right weird.

Music is a wonderfully important thing to me, having been brought up on all forms and different genres. I'm currently listening to a lot of instrumental atmospheric nonsense, hence the Red Sparrowes selection.

Note to Editors: The fact that The Paper Chase aren't included as a possible band for inclusion as my favourite band is fucking criminal.

Note for readers: Listen to The Paper Chase. They make your life at least 15% better. www.thepaperchaseband.com

Anyway, here's a list of things I like, things I think are ok, and things I put down to look cool in the eyes of my peers. I think we can agree that my taste in music is probably better than yours:

Lightning Bolt, Anticon, Venetian Snares, Guapo, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Every Time I Die, Turbonegro, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Prefuse 73, Digitalism, Foreign Beggars, Zillatron, Aphex Twin, Janis Joplin, Cinematic Orchestra, Explosions in the Sky, Buckethead, Justice, The Burial, Cult of Luna, DJ Scotch Egg, Earth, [Error], The Field, Fucked Up, Interpol, Of Montreal, Panda Bear, Joe Driscoll, The Knife, Los Cougar's, Mastodon, Red Knife Lottery, Red Sparrows, cLOUDDEAD, MC Solaar, Klaktonclown, Noir Desir, Gentleman, The pAper Chase, Battles, Gay For Johnny Depp and obviously my good friends Gay Death Probe

Currently working in publishing (for my sins) I don't really have too much time to write anymore. This is mainly down to me being tired but also a large factor of it is me being terribly important. Feel free to email me with musicla suggestions as well as any offerings you may have for yourself. I love to listen to up and coming music. Also, could the 'Kids in Glass Houses' fan start emailing me with hate mail again. It's been quite a lonely 3 months without you. I feel almost empty with you not being in my inbox anymore. I took you for granted and I can only apologise for that. Next time, I promise we can make it work.