Live Reviews

Black Moth (Black Moth UK Tour) Black Moth (Black Moth UK Tour)
Thu Mar 1 2018
Another strong live showing from one of our favourites here at Room Thirteen. Strong set-list compiling of largely new music!
EMP (EMP Persistence Tour) EMP (EMP Persistence Tour)
Sun Feb 11 2018
We headed down to Kentish Town for the annual event that's heavy enough to challenge any venue's foundations.
Akercocke (Akercocke UK Tour 2... Akercocke (Akercocke UK Tour 2...
Wed Jan 10 2018
Akercocke continue to push musical boundaries, and give their all playing live.
Sikth (Sikth UK Winter Tour 2017) Sikth (Sikth UK Winter Tour 2017)
Tue Dec 12 2017
Sikth deliver on exactly what they always have done - pulverising levels of brilliance that cements their place ahead of the game. What a band.

Mutation (Mutation Dark Black ...

Metallica (Metallica Worldwire...

Deux Furieuses (Deux Furieuses...

Blackfield (Blackfield UK Tour...

Steve Hackett (Steve Hackett T...

While She Sleeps (While She Sl...

Deafheaven (Deafheaven Europea...

Zeal & Ardor (Zeal & Ardor - L...

Gojira (Gojira UK Tour 2017)

Code Orange (Gojira UK Tour 2017)

Helmet (Helmet UK Tour 2017)

Trivium (Trivium UK Tour 2017)

Sikth (Trivium UK Tour 2017)

Dropkick Murphys (Dropkick Mur...

Black Peaks (Black Peaks UK To...


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CD Reviews

Conjurer - Mire
This hotly-anticipated debut displays what's up the wizard's sleeve...
Machine Head - Catharsis
The first major release in heavy music this year veers quite wide of the mark, providing very few highlights.
Trivium - The Sin and the Sent...
Trivium's 8th release once again sees the band grasp a slightly different approach. Strong in parts but falls short compared to some of their peers.
Converge - The Dusk In Us
With their ninth studio release, Converge prove why they're still masters of their craft. Delightfully heavy and beautifully savage.

Prowler - The Curse

Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside...

Slade - Slade Alive!

Dyscarnate - With All Their Might

Fizzy Blood - Summer Of Luv

Stray From The Path - Only Dea...

Akercocke - Renaissance In Ext...

Death From Above 1979 - Outrag...

Puppet Kings - Very Cool & Groovy

Fangclub - Fangclub

In The Presence Of Wolves - Of...

Decapitated - Anticult

Stone Sour - Hydrograd

Dialects - Illusory/When You D...

Martyr Defiled - Young Gods


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EMP Persistence Tour 2018 Preview
The EMP Persistence Tour is scheduled to crash its way through the Kentish Town Forum again this weekend, here's our rundown of the bill!
2017 In Review
We take you through our top ten records for the year as well as giving you some thoughts on records we may have missed along the way!
Desertscene Apparel Launch!
The team behind Desertscene unveil their exciting new venture at an excellent launch party in the heart of London Bridge. Here's our report!
HRH Prog 6 Review Part 2
Our take on day two of HRH Prog Festival in Wales, featuring Focus, Magnum, Carl Palmer and Magenta amongst others.


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