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Favourite Band AC/DC
Joined Thu Mar 25 2004
Bio Raised on a strict diet of porridge, beer and AC/DC, she's always been surrounded by music from an early age; soul and jazz on her mother’s side, but most of her taste comes from her 'Turn it up! That’s why the volume control has maximum on it!' dad. As a kid Emily would listen to anything- Trad., Soul, Punk, Heavy Metal, Avant Garde, Indie, Rock, Glam Rock… all that kind of stuff, and for anyone that’s heard of them Robyn Hitchcock, and John Otway. She remembers getting thrown out of her ballet class for refusing to dance and constantly singing Thin Lizzy’s 'Whisky In The Jar' whilst playing air guitar. Emily was 4 at the time.

Her favourite band would have to be AC/DC, and favourite song… 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl' by AC/DC. Strangely she's never been to see AC/DC, although is determined to do so before she dies, so her chosen attended gig would have to be The Libertines. As for her number one CD, hmmm….. it varies from genre to genre; Punk- 'The Ramones': The Ramones. Avant Garde- 'In The Court of The Crimson King': King Crimson. Rock- 'If You Want Blood': AC/DC. Indie- 'Is This It': The Strokes. And as for Grunge- Weezer’s 'Blue Album'…. you get the idea.

Other than music Emily loves Sushi, bread, comedy, and re-runs of old kids programmes, (The Magic Roundabout kicks ass!), as well as rewiring history and art, quantum Physics as an art form, and loud colours. And although she doesn't actually play an instrument, at long last her singing voice is in vogue- thank you Brody Dalle and The Distillers!

Best movie? Wayne’s World. Why? Because it’s 'Excellent! (Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!)'. And funniest Moment? Dunno’, probably getting electrocuted when Emily was five.

Favourite quote-

'But if you’ve lost your faith in love and music the end won’t be long'.
'The Good Old Days'- The Libertines.