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Email Jude.Clarke at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 02.09.68
Quote "Remember the lesson of Take That: if a pile of pillocks pretend to like it, doesn't mean it's crap / And remember the lesson of The Smiths: Just because a bunch of wankers like it, doesn't mean that it's shit" ( MJ Hibbett and the Validators)
Home Page http://www.rhythmonline.co.uk
Cool Link http://www.thelineofbestfit.com
Favourite Band Pavement
Joined Sun Aug 3 2008
Bio Jude feels daft writing about herself in the third person, but is prepared to give it a go... With her husband, she runs an online record shop from their small Cambridge house (overrun with vinyl and CDs), and spends nearly all her spare time going to gigs and festivals and listening to music of the indie-alternative persuasion to review for this and a couple of other select websites. Outside of music her interests mainly revolve around an unhealthy interest in cake, obsessive reading, and spending far too much time online on Facebook etc.