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Email Philippa at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 29/07/1978
Quote Ooops! I've peaked too early...
Home Page http://www.ourdeadcats.co.uk
Cool Link http://www.evilkid.com/
Favourite Band Boss Hog
Joined Fri Jul 23 2004
Bio Currently on a gap year from university, Erin is reading for a BSc(Hons) in Sonic Arts which is basically a fine art degree using sound as your medium. Projects include soundscapes for film and theatre and sound effects. Sound-sculpture and ecoacoustics for art installations as well as programming beats and designing sequence packages. (Yeah I'm afraid she's one of the guys that are responsible for the kids making garage tracks in their bedrooms!) However, she likes the fact that it means you don't have to be a trained musician to write tunes.

It was a love of music that originally brought Erin and her husband Dave together. Seeming only natural, the two of them picked up their axes, and now alongside Dave on guitar and vox Erin is playing bass and singing in their band, Our Dead Cats. It's a new project so they're busy writing at the minute although they've just come out of the studio and should be back on stage over the coming months, (watch this space!). Sounding a bit like a cross between Royal Trux, The Pixies and Siouxie and the Banshees, the band is a manifestation of Erin's love of all types of music. Something she is able to pursue farther since writing for Room Thirteen.