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Email Philippa at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 18/07/82
Quote the pen is mightier than the sword... and considerably easier to write with
Home Page http://www.bsmrocks.com
Cool Link http://www.ispypr.tk
Favourite Band None
Joined Sat Oct 16 2004
Bio A word from my main man Lionel Richtea:

"Hi, I'm the soulful pop singer that you can dunk in your tea! How many times? Once, twice, three times a-maybe... Aaanyway, a quick word about my good friend Chris. He graduated from the University of Birmingham in the summer of 2003, clutching a BSc in Biological Sciences. He started writing by doing weekly music reviews and articles for the student paper (Redbrick) in his second year, quickly earning a reputation for both his brutally honest reviews and his extensive knowledge of the underground music scene.

Since graduating he has been writing for Graham Finney at planet-loud.com and Claire Llwellyn at ISpy PR, as well as helping out Kev at Big Scary Monsters. All of these have unfortunately emphasised on the 'free' in freelance, and have been conducted in his spare time from a plethora of banal stop-gap jobs, which he doesn't want to talk about. His ideal job would be to write for Rock Sound, or to run his own successful record label/store.

As well as listening to music, Chris plays the guitar. Badly. And the didgeridoo. He used to play the recorder and the piano when he was younger, but gave both up. Music aside, Chris loves films, enjoys playing tennis, and has a questionable love of old American muscle cars. He supports Aston Villa, but don't hold it against the brother."

Favourite albums:

Boys Life - Departures & Landfalls
Bright Calm Blue - Asymmetry Set
Saetia - Retrospective
City Of Caterpillar - City Of Caterpillar
Kids Near Water - Hey Zeus!
Hot Cross - Cryonics
Thursday - Full Collapse
Fugazi - Repeater
At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command
Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetanthology
Sheregano - Field
Heroin - Gravity Discography
Hella - Hold Your Horse Is
Garden Variety - Knocking The Skill Level
Garrison - A Mile In Cold Water
Inkling - Miscommunication
Association Area - Loathsome Deco
Elliot Smith - Either/Or

and on, and Ariston...