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Email Philippa at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 17/12/1981
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Home Page None
Cool Link http://www.funeralofhearts.com
Favourite Band HIM
Joined Thu Jan 20 2005
Bio What can I say ..

I am from France (please don't hate me! :oP ) and moved to England some months ago.

Apart from RoomThirteen, I work for an independant label/music publisher. It's all about music!
My favourite bands include : HIM, A Perfect Circle, Apocalyptica, QOTSA, Seether, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and so much more !

What do I do when I have some time off ? (wish I had some ! :P ) : MUSIC !, scaring my housemate with my music and the way I decorate my room, cinema, partying, etc etc etc :)