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Email Ben.Blundell at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 04/09/81
Quote For Shai Hulud!
Home Page http://www.section9.co.uk
Cool Link http://www.mcqueenmusic.com
Favourite Band Nine Inch Nails
Joined Thu Jul 6 2006
Bio Ben hails from a small, quiet village in the North-West of England; not exactly a hot bed of rock music, mental guitarists or massive gigs. No wonder then, that things never felt quite right. Hanging out with the bad kids at school, listening to Nine Inch Nails and Inspiral Carpets planted the seeds of lust for metal and rock. Since moving to Manchester, and after deciding that flying planes for the RAF wasn't quite his thing, Ben became famous for dyeing his hair blue, buying a guitar and going to as many gigs as possible.

Ben joined RoomThirteen after being lured in at the Download Festival 2006 by the charismatic Andy Latham, and a load of sweeties (bonbons and everythin'). After writing a few reviews in-between several pints of cider, Ben felt rather pleased that his rantings were gaining some attention. Either that or pleased because he was rather plastered.

Unsure between the lovely ladies of McQueen and uncle Trent, Ben rates both bands highly. During the day, Ben works at the University of Leeds, scaring Computer Science Undergraduates by running difficult Java Courses and Lecturing in how to hack your friends' wireless networks! :D