For a long time, Eden Maine have been creating a huge buzz in the underground circuit. And over the past year, they have started to crack the more mainstream audience. With their touring becoming more and more extensive, and their debut full length album planned for release early next year, their name will become a firm part of the metal scene, not only in the UK, but worldwide.

Originally formed in 1997 by bassist Nick Brown and vocalist Adam Symonds, it wasn't until drummer Kieran Ilse joined in 2000 that the band started to really take shape. Following a succession of various guitarists, the lineup was finalised when guitarists Simon Davis and Phil Buch joined the ranks, in November 01 and February 02 respectively. These two guitarists helped forge a new sound for the band, pushing the musical direction of the band to its most extreme limits.

2002 saw the release of the bands debut EP 'The Treachery Pact' to critical acclaim. Following this they embarked upon a lengthy touring schedule throughout the UK, which saw their name become a well recognised part of the live music circuit. Pushing into 2003 the band started to tour more extensively, visiting many countries throughout Europe, playing many prestigious festivals, and playing high profile tours with bands such as Sepultura and the lostprophets. All of this has garnered the band a great deal of press, including many of the UK's major alternative publications

With 'The Treachery Pact' set for a re-release imminently, and the debut album to be recorded in June/July of this year, 2004 looks set to be the year that will see Eden Maine truly establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

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