Sound of zZz (Pronounced as how the French say 'jazz', without the 'j' and the 'a')

zZz is the sleazy steamin' locomotive barreling out of Amsterdam—a city, if ever there was one, that needs no introduction. By combining the doom-laden vocals of the late Ian Curtis and the dark comedic psychobilly madnezZz of Cramps singer Lux Interior, a monstrous thunder is let loose. Organ, drums and vocals is all it takes for this duo to serve up their Molotov cocktail of garage soul, violent trance, electro-waved, dirty rock & roll.
zZz came to life at the turn of the century when two house mates, Björn Ottenheim and Daan Schinkel, decided to make music with a simple drum kit and an old $50 church organ in their basement. Within a week they had composed five songs and were invited to play at the party of an infamous Dutch smuggler, where the Sound of zZz was born.

From then on zZz built up a notorious live reputation and within the year their demo, Bikini Inferno, was released. Excelsior Recordings got hold of a copy and after seeing the duo perform as support act for the 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster, they were offered a record deal. A few months later, Excelsior released a 7" single, which contained the songs 'Godspeed' and 'Ecstasy'. The track 'Ecstasy' recently featured in the soundtrack of the Dutch hit movie 'Phileine Zegt Sorry', accompanying the film’s steamiest sex scene. Delicious.

Over the years, zZz has played all the major ‘alternative’ radio shows, venues and festivals in the Netherlands. Outside the Dutch borders zZz has blown people away in England (in particular, Manchester’s ITC Festival) and in the USA, where they've played in New York amongst others at CMJ-festival, Shout!, the NY Film Festival after-party and at the SXSW festival in Austin. Now, after having teamed up with NYC-based Howler Records, the boys are ready for the global blast-off. read less


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