Sebastian Rogers is a vocalist, guitarist and producer who gained fame as a solo artist in 2000 with the release of his self-written album When It Comes And It Will.

Sebastian Rogers was born in Norfolk, in South-East England. Here he has worked with former Lighthouse Family frontman Tunde Baiyewu and L.A. based singer-songwriter, Catherine Feeny.

In 2002 his track Now You're Gone (More Than I Can Feel) was released with RnB duo Floetry as part of their Floetic album. He originally recorded it in 2000 with vocalist Wendi Deejai.

In 2004, the singer Tunde Baiyewu released his debut solo album Tunde which they wrote in collaboration.

In late 2006, Sebastian announced on his website that he was producing an album for UK based band The Rushes. He had already finished producing Catherine Feeny's Hurricane Glass album.

In February 2007, he confirmed that he would be producing a second album for Catherine Feeny and that EMI would be re-launching the Hurricane Glass album. He also announced that he was keen to release an album under his own name although by July 2007, he announced that he had formed a new band with Andrew Taylor called The Challenge Of Feral Green. read less


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