George Pettit (vocals)
Wade MacNeil (guitars/vocals)
Chris Steele (bass)
Jesse Ingelevics (drums)
Dallas Green (guitar/vocals)

Formed in Southern Ontario in late 2001 this band have worked their socks off ever since. Their name has been subject to a lot of debate throughout the worlds chatrooms (is it alex is on fire or alexis on fire?... alexis on fire!) and some claim they are named after the world's only lactating contortionist. Though the band claim it's after one of the bandmembers' sisters.

Continued mental touring after their formation saw over a thousand copies of their demo. Their style of 'scre-emo', close to hardcore is now heading into mainstream music due to them. Gigs reflect their music, energetic shows see them hurling guitars, jumping all over the stage and encouraged stage diving/crowd surfing. read less


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