R13: So this is your first time touring as 'Ghostride' in the UK, how has it been so far?
GR: It's been great, it's getting better and better, although we've had better shows than others but so far it's been good.

R13: Why has it taken so long to arrange a tour, as there have been rumors of a European tour for literally years on your website?
GR: It's been more frustrating for us than other people, I guarantee it. We like dangling carrots, stringing people along... nah. The first tour that was booked was before the CD was released so it didn't make sense for us to come over here with nothing and wait for a couple of weeks for the CD to come out. So that's why.

R13: How does it compare to touring with your previous bands?
GR: Difference is just kind of being the low-man on the totem pole. Because last time we played here we headlined this place, so we had our own soundcheck, things were a lot smoother and kind of done by our own rules. Now it's like we're low on the totem pole so we have to wait for everyone to be done with their stuff and we're rushed with everything. It's ok though because we play early and then we can start drinking. More drinking...haha...
(Making fun of Mitch - drums) Yeah he was nineteen yesterday, clean shaven. Six foot tall shapely tall blond.
We had a few too many last night, well pretty much every night.

R13: Out of any band in the world, split up or still together, who would you most like to tour with?
GR: Hmmmm... Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath...Bert&Ernie (Mitch). Queen in their heyday. I heard they are going to be touring this summer.

R13: The side project Death Valley High, how did that come about?
GR: (Rey - vocals) Actually that was originally out of Tinfed, like I basically broke up Tinfed to start doing Death Valley High. It was just a different sound I wanted to do and in the midst of it all these guys asked me to come in and do some vocals so I had to put it on the back burner a bit.

R13: So if Ghostride and Death Valley High were both asked to do a gig on the same night which band would be priorty?
GR: I don't know, that's rough to say...That's a tough question...Death Valley sings for Ghostride, almost, in a way, take that as however you want it...

R13: What are the first albums you bought?
GR: - Michael Jackson 'Thriller'
- Think mine was Kiss, like one of them
- Think mine was...um...I say bought it but really I stole it, Living Colour 'Vivid'
- Michael Jackson 7" from 'Off The Wall'
- Def Leopard 'Pyromania'.
- (Cayle - guitar) Good choice, that's where to start. Kiss was like the main thing. I remember being like what the fuck is that, so like every time I'd see them on TV my Dad would say "See you're scared of them but you still want to buy their records."

R13: So any gossip you can expose on Biffy Clyro or Hell Is For Heroes?
GR: You looking for gossip? I'm gonna think some gossip up and start rumors right now. No man, we pretty much tell everyone to their face what we think. We don't have any except Jeff (guitar) started seeing some British queen pop star. No, I have no idea.
R13: You've been getting along with your fellow tour mates then?
GR: Definitely, everybody's been great, really cool. Biffy boys are really great.

R13: You understand their Scottish accents then?
GR: I think they calm it down a little bit because they know we can't understand them. I thought they were from California! Biffy's been extremely nice to us the whole time. Very, very nice, no not a bad word.

R13: If you were given the choice would you have:
-A line of coke?
-A pint of whiskey?
-Or head from a random bird (lady)?

GR: (Jeff) I think I could answer that one for you...coke, coke, head, head, whiskey.
Yeah that's about right I think dude...Two cokes, two heads, one whiskey thats our order, are you taking orders? That sounded like a prescription or something.
(Mike - bass)Can I get bad head and half a pint of whiskey?
Yeah can we split them up? Average blow job and really good coke or a coupla shots of whiskey? An amateur, a girl that falls asleep on your dick, you know what I mean or burns your ass with her cigarette.
(Rey) I never got head while a girl was a...
(Cayle) You never got head while a girl was there?!!!
(Rey)...smoking a cigarette. If a girl's giving you head while smoking a cigarette she's been there before. She's like 'alright, let's get it on, I'll get my shit first then I'll start, take care o' myself'. She like has it in the corner of her mouth or has it up her nose, I'd pay to see that shit.

R13: What's the plan for 2005? Are you playing any festivals?
GR: Get older...festivals...hopefully? We'd like to to play as much as we can. Our goal is to get back over here as soon as we can so we can drink a lot more, (Rey) not me man I'm gonna have spa treatments and shit (sarcastic). Future though, write another record eventually, play as much as possible, go to Japan, drink over there and play music on the side and eat noodles.

R13: So are you happy in this band, has your line-up clicked?
GR: No, not really we hate each other. They're horrible. We're just doing it for the money...Let's see how in debt one band can get and start from there.

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