Max Raptor burst onto our radar a few years back and their hook filled 2011 mini album Portraits was one of our albums of the year. Their eagerly awaited debut full length album Mother's Ruin is out at the end of this month and having heard it already we know you're not going to be disapointed. The singles Breakers and England Breathes have given fans a taste of what to expect but we thought it only right to catch up with the guys and get the lowdown straight from the horses mouth:

R13:For those who haven't yet seen or heard you, how would you describe Max Raptor to them?
MR: We're all about the energy and creating a bit of a bond between band and listener....we like to think that it happens on the stage and through our recordings...We love our riffery and hooks and big chanty sing alongs. Our shows have become more and more chaotic as we've progressed...rather than people itching to start a pit, it's sort of already started by the time we strike our first note...

R13:You're about to the release your debut full length album. What can we expect from it and did it turn out how you wanted it to?
MR: Yea, we can't wait...We went in the seclusion last December in Lincolnshire, in a converted Methodist Church. We wanted to tap into our inner god and let jesus take the, i'm just joking...Jesus wouldn't have stepped foot in that place. It was a den of iniquity by the end...cabin fever, madness, Fifa, beer, song writing and weird nights out in the local, LOCAL, town... We went in there with our ideas and demos but it came out exactly how we wanted it to come out...but then we didn't know what we wanted when we went in...well we sort of did but there's never any point having constraints when you record...just keep in mind what you're about and what's gonna get your following riled and excited..

R13:Your mini album 'Portraits' made our Records of the Year list. Were you pleased with the overall response to it?
MR: Very...and I don't think that mini album is will have it's second coming...We loved writing and recording that album and it's been around a bit, got our name out there and people really related to the content on that disc...We're hoping for a bit of the same with Mother's Ruin...

R13:We first saw you at Download back in 2010, have things happened as fast as you would've liked or do you get frustrated that it's a long ball game?
MR: I think anything that's ratable or holds integrity takes time to build. Music is like so many other industries, it's pretty throw away. As with modern life, if you're not earning thousands of pounds then you can't be doing well.. Creative industry is always going to be a slow burn but that is what we signed up for...I'd be lying if we said we're happy all the time but I think it's just how much we're in for the long haul. I think we're just being careful not to churn out a bunch of crap that doesn't mean anything to us.

R13:Similarly do you ever get frustrated when audiences don't seem to get into it as much as you maybe think they should? (For example we saw you in Manc with DPU and didn't feel like you got the reaction you deserved!)
MR: I guess if they're listening then that is a good start...We found we picked up a lot of new followers on the DPU tour who were really into it but just didn't let go...I think after knowing the tracks, like with a lot of gigs we play, people will go insane... 2000 Trees festival is a good example...fucking crazy bunch down there. Sometimes there just isn't a pattern to it...Let's see what happens on our own headline tour, where everyone's there to go nuts....

R13:What's been the career highlight for the band so far?
MR: Ahhhhh wow....erm...Playing Hammersmith Apollo was pretty big for us but this Summer's festivals have shown us where we're at and that it's been worth it. Any show where people are genuinely just having fun and letting themselves go is what it's all about!!!

R13:Are you at the stage where you can do this full time now or are you still having to work day jobs (& if so who does what)?
MR: Yeah we're making millions... =

R13:Do you read your own press, whether positive or negative, and if so how much does that affect you?
MR: We can't help but read's probably a bit sad but it's always pretty cool to see positive reviews....We've never really had anything truly negative..we've had the odd ropey review written by a work experience kid but everyone starts somewhere... we're never going to be everyone's cup of tea....but that's the beauty of caffeine.

R13:Have you managed to gig outside of the UK yet and if so what kind of reaction did you get? If not, is it on your list of things to do?
MR: No, not yet....concentrate on the mainland and then we'll get our passports out. Would love to play in Germany...they like it nice and heavy...maybe we'll head to Canada and the States?? All stuff to look forward to I guess...But I know we want to nail the UK first...

R13:You famously did a gig in fan Barney Hall's bedroom after a facebook challenge. Has increased success affected your relationship with fans or are you still able to maintain the personal touch?
MR: I think we like to remain close to our fan base as they give us what we need and we hopefully reciprocate (Not in an Operation Yewtree kind of way). I think if we started treating people like shit or pretending we're bigger than we are we'd have to end it there and then...The Barney Hall thing was just a thanks I guess...such a funny day and his mum made us lunch, cakes and dinner... We're pretty grounded, I mean we're from little villages in rural staffordshire...anyone from Burton on Trent that thought we were swanning about thinking we're a big deal would give us a thick ear...we like to keep this in mind!!

R13:What kind of age range are you seeing in audiences? Is it predominantly younger or are you seeing acceptance from the older crowd?
MR: Every show is different...We did a tour with The Stranglers and one with Billy Talent and so the cross over there is massive. We still have the Stranglers die hard coming to shows and bringing their sons or daughters who will eventually shake off their parents and come along with their mates the next time. Then we have the younger lot who are physical and batter the shit out of each other in the pits (all in friendliness). I think sometimes the songs we sing can relate to all ages...and then I suppose is there actually an age where you decide I don't like losing my mind?? No, thought not...

R13:Were you friends before you started the band or did you come together as musicians and how much does that affect how you work together both on and off stage?
MR: We're all great mates but we're better mates when we're on tour. We hate not playing and writing is fun but it's not always when we're together (over emails etc). . Matt, Pete & I were at the same school and Ben is our newest edition...we met him through friends and the live circuit... You have to be able to get on with each other as it's such an intense environment and you don't want to be sharing a beer or writing music with someone you detest.

R13:Who were the bands that made you want to get up and go and have a go at music yourself?
MR: Collectively Billy Talent gave us a kick up the arse to take it all seriously..they gave us a couple of tour date supports and we stepped up.. The Stranglers made us realise too that we can go the distance..we did 25 Dates with them..looking at a band still going 30 years on has to be all the inspiration you need..

R13:Will the release of the album be supported with a headline tour?
MR: Details to come!!!

R13:Is there a long term plan for the band or are you just taking it as it comes?
MR: Just take it as it can never really get too excited about anything until it's actually happened...

The new Max Raptor album Mother's Ruin is out on 30th September.