If, like us you're heading to Cardiff this week for the annual musical feast that is Swn Festival you're probably looking for some pointers about where to start. With so many acts to chose from at venues across the city that can be no mean feat. Well we aim to please, and if the heavier end of the spectrum is your thing look no further, here are a few of our picks for the weekend:

Beard of Wolves
Beardy and bass heavy duo from North Wales for fans of Pulled Apart By Horses and Future of the Left. Is it garage-rock is it synth-noise-rock? Who knows, but it is a fantastic wall of lovely noise which sounds even better in a live setting.

Bo Ningen
An exciting prospect, Bo Ningen in a live setting, who wouldn't want to see this? The long-haired London based Japanese four-piece turn out mind scorching acid punk and apparently put on a brilliant live show.

Chain Of Flowers
Dark punk-shoegaze-garage rock from Chain of Flowers should be a treat. We seem to be hearing about them everywhere at the moment and with good reason.

Dark blues from this Peak District duo with a grunge edge. They play darkly melodic tunes with bite which promise to sound huge in the upstairs room at Clwb Ifor Bach at 1.30am on the Friday/Saturday of the Festival. If you're still awake you should not miss this.

Heavy Petting Zoo
We shamefully only recently became aware of this Swansea mob and are impressed with their scuzzy guitars and heavy rock and roll sound - Amy's vocals are a joy too and we're looking forward to catching them on the Friday.

His Naked Torso
Lo-fi noise duo His Naked Torso will no doubt put on a nasty and relentless show - with their manic riffage, intense drums and vocal screams be prepared for an ear battering.

Nai Harvest
This Sheffield duo have a 90s emo sound a la Cap N' Jazz and also slot in nicely with the recent revival sound (Cyls records et al). Their tunes are melodic and instantly likeable with not-too-sweet vocals.

Missouri Punk trio drawing inspiration from the classics - think Misfits, Ramones and the like. You may have caught them at this year's SXSW if you were lucky enough to go and we think their catchy scuzzy tunes are brilliant.

This New York four piece have honed their skills in many other bands over the past few years and with Swearin' they have a sound soaked in 90′s rock like the Breeders and Built to Spill. Nice.

We caught Theo at Swn in 2011 and were impressed that one man could produce such intricate and noisy math-rock using a guitar, looper pedal and a mini drum kit and are hoping that his set this year holds more of the same.

This Is Wreckage
Welsh trio drawing influence from Big Black, Jesus Lizard and the like, so expect riff heavy and intense noise-rock.

The Wytches
Doom-laden Brighton trio describing themselves as doom-grunge-surf, we think that sounds like something worth checking out.

Well there you go, that's what we'll be checking out this coming weekend, hopefully we've given you a place to start. For us though Swn is all about discovering new music so as well as watching the bands we know we like, so we'll be getting out there, scouring that programme and expanding our musical horizons and we hope you do too. We'll see you there!