There are few bands that are able to mimic the kind of angst, attitude and aggression that flowed through the original punk movement. They've tried, but few have achieved it. The Distillers were one of those who did really well to achieve these components of the original movement but they also brought their own intensity to the mix. Shaping ideas and a path influenced by their predecessors from a different age allowed Brody Dalle and co. to cause an absolute storm during the early 2000's.

The band's third, and ultimately final album, was released ten years ago this month and listening back to it now it's a shame nothing else was released from them, especially so soon after signing onto a major record label. With Coral Fang it felt like The Distillers were operating at their absolute peak. Tracks like Drain The Blood and Coral Fang ended up receiving huge amounts of coverage on radio shows and on music channels, and to this day tunes from the album are played in rock clubs up and down the country. So why were The Distillers able to make such an impact in the early 2000's? Well a lot of it was down to the talent and appeal of Brody Dalle. In writing pretty much all of the music, The Distillers truly housed a part of her soul. It feels like during the course of Coral Fang, Dalle gives absolutely everything, you're never left with the impression she is holding anything back. Vocally on this album she is absolutely superb.

In an era where pop-punk bands were spouting lyrics about getting laid and getting through college, Brody Dalle was throwing out stuff like "I'm living on shattered faith, the kind that likes to restrict your breath". Yeah exactly. The bleakness had a far more raw edge of the same ilk contained in Grunge. Oh and before you ask, Brody Dalle over Courtney Love any day of the week.

The impact of this album now is hard to judge. It's one of those gems which seems to have disappeared from the public consciousness, but there is no doubt there are up and coming bands, take Valentiine for example, who may have drawn influences from this album and band in general. Oh also, if you've read this and thought "I miss The Distillers" or "I wonder what they're up to now", check out Spinnerette immediately, a Distillers mk. 2 if you will.

Here is The Distillers performing three tracks from the album at Reading Festival 2004: