Hollywood Ending consists of:
Adam Watson(23) - Bass /Vocals - prefers tits
Usman (Ozzy) Hamid(24) - Guitar/Vocals - prefers tits
Tom Higginbottom(22) - Drums - prefers arse
Ben Murphy (24) - Guitar/Vocals - prefers arse

On their recent tour supporting Fightstar, Hollywood Ending took time out at the Birmingham Academy 2 to talk to Room Thirteen about their UK tour with Fightstar

R13: To help readers who aren't familiar with your work I've created a quick fire "getting to know you" warm up round!
R13: Last dream?
Usman: I had a dream about teleporting and I got combined with a lizard!
R13: Last person you kissed?
Adam: My Mum.
R13: Last time you cried?
Ben: When Dan left the tour last night, well I didn't cry exactly but it was very emotional.
R13: Last swear word uttered?
Tom: Fuck!
R13: Last thing you pulled out of your pocket?
UH: Wallet.
R13: Last time you were sick?
AW: When I ate a strange tropical plant at my friends house. I knew it was poisonous, but I just thought I would eat it anyway!
R13: Last track you danced to?
BM: We were in Oxford and we danced to Ghostbusters.
R13: The last present you bought?
BM talking about UH: He gave his girlfriend a pearl necklace!
R13: Last thing you wrote down?
BM: Guest list
R13: Last time you thought about sex?
All: NOW!

R13: So for people who hadn't heard your music before please could u describe the sound of your music in 5 words

UH: Stadium rock for cheeky people!

R13: Hollywood Ending is an interesting name and there is actually a 2002 Woody Allen film of the same name. How did you come to call your band "Hollywood Ending"?
AW: The designer who did work on our first EP sent us some names. At first we didn't like it but it sort of grew on us and now we really like it.

R13: You have a new album out called "Praying to Fiction". Did all of u participate in writing the material or do just one or two of u concentrate on that area?
BM: We all helped write the material; even tom who doesn't sing played his part.

R13: Can u explain the creative process behind the album? How where when?
UH: It was all done in a rehearsal room in Rochdale. We all just jammed and argued a lot. There was lots of chaos but then at the end of it there was an album.

R13: Do any of the tracks have any special meaning?
AW: There's isn't a theme through out the album but a lot of the tracks have meaning to us.
UH: 25 -17 is about the police and Praying to fiction is about organised religion.

R13: So do you have any plans for a second album?
BM: Definitely!
UH: We are in the process now of putting some stuff together now. Although we've only had a few sessions, it's looking great.

R13: Who would u most like to collaborate with and why?
BM: Billy Joel is an amazing guitarist and it would be great to do something with him.

R13: So how did the tour with Fightstar come about?
AW: Charlie (Fightstar) had heard 25-17 on a video channel and decided to buy the album. He then got in touch with Ozzy via email and here we are.

R13: Is there much association with busted with Charlie being an ex-busted member?
TH: No not really.
R13: Are there many 11 year olds in the crowd?
AW: Well they are supposed to be 16+ shows, but sometimes you will look into the audience and wonder. I think at the moment there is just an initial reaction to their split and people are here just to see the celebrity rather than the music.
TH: But to be honest some of the best crowds can be those whose average age is a little younger. They have never experienced a rock concert and it s great.

R13: How's the reaction been to your set?
TH: It's been really good for all the bands. It's probably the first time we have ever been screamed at and it's a great feeling!

R13: Thank you very much for your time and good luck with the rest of the tour.

To find more out about Hollywood Ending please visit www.hollywood-ending.com