Every year Takedown Festival provides a host of excellent up and coming acts varying from the heaviest of Heavy Metal all the way through to Pop-Punk. With 40+ bands across five stages in just one day there is absolutely plenty to see. As ever the event takes place on the Southampton University campus so don’t forget you’ll be able to take advantage of those student beer prices as well! If you’ve been sitting on the fence about getting a ticket, just look at the eight bands we’ve picked out below as the absolute MUST SEE acts and tell us that this isn’t enough to convince you.

Baby Godzilla

If you’ve ever seen Baby Godzilla live you know what you’re getting yourself into here. And if you haven’t? Well be prepared for a level of chaos unlike most acts. The band will be in the crowd and climbing everything they possibly can and the crowd will no doubt be on the stage - no limits at a Baby Godzilla show where the party atmosphere always explodes. Baby Godzilla are headlining the Big Deal Stage at 21:30pm.

Mallory Knox

Mallory Knox are one of this year’s blockbuster acts at Takedown and hot off the back of releasing Asymmetry at the back end of last year, the band are currently riding high. One thing is for sure as well, however you feel about their music on record, on the live stage they’ve always ramped it up 110% delivering energetic shows to their vastly increasing fan base. This band have the potential to get very big in the near future so don’t miss out.

The Hell

You will have noticed that we’re big fans of The Hell here at Room Thirteen so seeing their addition to the Takedown line up made for some very sweary shouts of joy. The Hell will pummel you with more groove than should be allowed from a two string guitar and bass and shout in your face louder than anyone else all day. IT’S THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ HELL YOU DICK. Definitely sold that. The Hell are on the Uprawr Stage at 18:20pm.

Devil Sold His Soul

Devil Sold His Soul have always been a powerful unit live, so when they smash in to Takedown, bringing with them their excellent breed of Heavy Prog Hardcore (think that’s a thing) we’re left with a serious band of the day contender. They’ve got a strong and varied back catalogue so there’s little chance of becoming bored here. We’re told they utilise a pretty nifty light show as well! Devil Sold His Soul are on the Uprawr Stage at 19:10pm.

Heart Of A Coward

Heart Of A Coward are another band who will seriously bring the riff come Saturday 7th March. Their at times brutally heavy approach will draw easy comparison to the likes of Meshuggah, and will almost certainly leave a fair few sore necks in the aftermath. Heart Of A Coward are headlining the Uprawr Stage at 21:10pm.

Hawk Eyes

We’ve given this band a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. Their new album Everything Is Fine is excellent and they’ve always been consistently great live, so there is a high chance we could be talking about a potential ‘set of the day’ contender. Their music is eclectic which transitions into mad energy live and with a new set of tracks to play around with this will be great fun. Hawk Eyes are on the Obsidian Stage at 16:30pm.

Rolo Tomassi

Time to get a little Math-y now, as Rolo Tomassi are set to roll their eclectic style through Southampton University in the wake of an announcement around the release of their new album Grievances. With a new record on the way, it’s safe to say that we’ll likely hear one or two new tracks amongst some of the crowd favourites. Rolo Tomassi are another band who are a different animal live compared to on record, so definitely check them out. Rolo Tomassi are on the District Stage at 17:05pm

Bleed From Within

Scottish Metal unit Bleed From Within are making a real impression at the moment with their most recent offering Uprising actually scaling up to number 13 on the UK Rock Chart. They’ll certainly be bringing a heavy dose of Deathcore to Southampton with pits galore. Anyone who is hell bent on leaving Takedown Festival with a sore neck will be checking this lot out. Bleed From Within are on the Uprawr Stage at 20:00pm.

Well those are our picks for the festival this year, but check out the full line up poster as well:


Tickets are still on sale, just hit this link - TAKEDOWN TICKETS for all the information as well as some other useful bits and pieces!