At the penultimate date of American Head Charge's latest UK tour, Mr H. C. Banks III (Chad) takes time out to talk to Room Thirteen.

R13: You're nearing the end of your latest tour so far how do you feel the UK audiences have treated you?
HCB: The crowds have been amazing. It's great that our fans have hung on because it's been so long between albums. Especially as the UK media can be fickle and there always seems to be a band of the moment.

R13: Do things tend to get a bit wild whilst you're on tour?
HCB: Things have been pretty tame but there have been a few fights. Last night there was a big fight between Cameron Karma and Justin. The bus couldn't leave because it was coming to blows but it calmed down and every one was just shouting "I love you man". To be honest I don't think anyone actually knows what it was about it was just because everyone was drunk. However I tend to be a little bit more reserved now. Oh and Bryan who's a tattoo virgin is on the tour bus right now getting a tattoo.

R13: What's it been like to tour with Panic Cell?
HCB: Well a couple of the guys are quite the drinkers. Cardiff was the night that Luke decided to drink. He normally drinks about once a month. It was just shot after shot of Jagermeister.

R13: Do you believe a tour manager is instrumental in the success of a tour?
HCB: Yes definitely. One of our previous tour managers was a friend from Minneapolis and although she meant well she was just not cut out to be a tour manager. There is a certain art to play kidding the band, the owner and the promoters.
R13: How do you get on with your current tour manager?
HCB: Andy is brilliant. He's honest, above board and relates well to us. I don't feel bad when he withholds the bottle of vodka from us until right before we go on stage. Where as with other people you feel like it's your Mom or Dad talking to you.

R13: How does this tour compare to the last time you toured the UK in December 2004, especially since your latest album was not released until after the tour?
HCB: The 5 days we were here I wasn't really present and accounted for at all and could barely tell you what happened. I'm 33 and I've done an assload of drugs and been in rehab 3 times. I can play bass, write songs, play a show but my memory isn't great and when you put the booze in to the mix and it's terrible. I tell you I'm going to have flipper babies!

R13: If you could be any super hero who would you be?
HCB: [pulls out a flick knife and attaches it to his cuff] Well you have heard of Spiderman, [releases knife] I'm "Jack-knife"! I still don't know how I got this though customs.
R13: Well when we interviewed you before you have talked about travelling with drugs up your ass!
HCB: Hey I'm not afraid! I like drugs way to much.

R13: When you return to St Paul's you have a gig with Mudvayne. Do you get on ok with them?
HCB: Yes we get on great. Some of the guys even go golfing with them. However we did a pledge of allegiance tour with them and Chad (Mudvayne) stole a DVD of mine. I swear to God I have 2 months to get it back. He may be a tough cookie but I will get it back even if I have to go out and make him buy me a new one!

R13: There are rumours on your forum regarding a tour with Ministry. Would you care to elaborate?
HCB: I didn't know there were but I think if we did I would die and go to heaven. Shit I think I'm now going to go and call my manager and check this out!
We played with them once and it was the best night of my life. After we finished our set we got to watch them play. During a guitar change the bass technician came over with one of the basses and I got to play it. It was awesome. At the end they said that we rocked. It was the best compliment ever as they had actually seen us play and there was no bullshit.

R13: With a two year break from the industry and a four yeah break between albums. Do you find the personal struggles you have been through coupled with the conflict within the band has had an impact on your latest release "The Feeding"?
HCB: Yes, 45 songs and 18 months of demoing for Rick (Rubin); trying to get some sort of response and direction but just getting nowhere. It was really frustrating. I would come in everyday pissed off and in a bad mood. The other guys would be on the booze all day and have their own things going on. I suppose it didn't help that along the way I slipped back into some bad habits for five months, which actually only felt like one month. It was hard making that record and we put Greg Fetaman through hell. At one point I was surprised that the album actually came out.

R13: How do you feel the album is being received?
HCB: People seem to like it so far. I haven't heard anything bad yet!

R13: What's the next single to be released?
HCB: We are thinking 'Dirty' at the moment but it could all change!

R13: Will you be attending any of the UK festivals this year?
HCB: We don't know. We would like to do Download. There's a festival in Holland and one in Australia but they are all really hard to get on. I think because we have taken so long to between records, a lot of the time it's like we are doing it again for the first time - but we're troopers!

R13: If a movie was made about the life and times of American Head Charge, who would you like to cast as the band?
HCB: That's a hard one! Well I would have to be Jack Black. Cam could be played by Christopher Walker. God knows who would do Bryan. Karma could be Robert de Nero and perhaps Chris could be a young Rodney Dangerfield.

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It should also be noted that Hat Wray contributed to this interview.