As if we're already heading towards the end of August and the festival season alike. Well despite the summer months raging on there are still plenty of riffs left to shatter your ears. Arctangent is once again all set to deliver a line-up absolutely stacked with some of the most exciting heavy bands around at the moment. Without any further ado then, here's our top five picks for the coming weekend!

Employed To Serve - PX3 - Saturday

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Across heavy music in Britain at the moment there are pockets of some truly exciting acts more than capable of full scale domination. Employed To Serve released their new record earlier this year and in an instant their stock rose. Easily one of 2017's finest The Warmth Of A Dying Sun is complex, heavy and challenging - a band more than capable of stealing the weekend.

Sikth - Yokhai - Saturday

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We're not being dramatic in the slightest here when we say that the bulk of this line-up wouldn't sound like they do had it not been for Sikth. As a live unit they're technically beyond most of their peers and their renewed energy and focus has been infectious right from the word go on their triumphant return. It's already been a strong year for this lot, they'll be looking to maintain that with a bang.

Converge - Arc - Friday

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Perhaps the most obvious 'top pick', Converge are treating the Arctangent faithful this year with an exclusive UK show and they're never a band to fuck about in the live arena. Not looking to rely on just the old stuff, the band recently released a couple of absolutely blinding new tracks showing their heart, hunger and fury is still there in absolute spades. Never mind the bands on around the same time, the whole following day could pale in comparison if they turn up in the right mood.

Ho99o9 - Bixler - Friday

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Easily one of the more unique bands on the bill, Ho99o9's masterful blend of Hip-Hop and Hardcore has undeniably made them one of the most exciting live acts around at the moment. You know you bring a serious ruckus when you're still part of the conversation at the end of each night supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their latest record United States Of Horror will no doubt feature in many of those end of year lists and this is a performance you truly do not want to miss.

Heck - PX3 - Thursday

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It'll be a very rare time to see Heck on a festival bill and us not absolutely recommend you go and check them out. If you've seen them before, you know what this is all about, if you haven't? Well keep your wits about you. Pure, raw, carnage to help day one kick Arctangent in to gear.

So there we have it then, five absolutely stellar acts we insist you check out. Don't forget the rest of the line-up is crammed with the likes of Tesseract, Boris, Explosions In The Sky, Russian Circles, Bossk and more. Riffs. For. Days.