During a hectic day Petri Lindroos managed to spare a few minutes to chat to Room Thirteen about their latest release and their upcoming date at Thriteenth Day 2005

Room Thirteen: EP solution 7 has been released in Finland, what has been the reaction so far?
Petri Lindroos: People seem to like it and there's been a good reaction. There has been nothing negative.

R13: It reached number five in the Finish charts. Do you consider this an achievement?
PL: No not exactly an achievement we are just very satisfied with it. They usually go into the charts on a big high, then gradually get lower until they disappear.

R13: What is your favourite tack on the EP?
PL: Probably "Day Zero".

R13: Are you writing any new material at the moment?
PL: Yes we are. Christian has done about 8 songs so far and I will start writing in a couple of weeks. It's going to be a full length album which will hopefully out in January or February of 2006.

R13: Are there any problems as some members play in other bands? Do you find loyalties are divided at all?
PL: As of yet, no!

R13: There have been many comparisons between yourself and Children of Bodom. As you have a similar sound and are of the same genre do you think it is a fair comparison?
PL: I have heard a lot about the comparisons but I don't really give a shit. I think musically we are really different. Perhaps the vocals are a little similar but that's it.

R13: All your albums seem to have a distinct sound. Do you plan to be different each time or is it an evolution of your music?
PL: We have tried to vary the sound a little bit in each album and I think it's worked out pretty well. The next album is going to be done in Sweden and I think the sound will totally change but in what way we will have to see.

R13: You are playing a few festivals over the summer, are there any in particular that you are looking forward to?
PL: Thirteenth Day in Birmingham.

R13: As it will be one of your first appearances in the UK do you have any expectations of what it will be like?
PL: We first played in the UK with Dimmu Borgir and that was ok. Nobody really knew us but hopefully it will be better this time.

R13: If it goes well do you hope to return?
PL: Yes, why not!

Norther's next UK date will be at Thirteenth Day on 24th July 2005. For more information about Norther please go to www.Norther.net