Interview with Johnny Truant
Olly, lead vocalist for Johnny Truant talks to Room Thirteen before their set at Download.

Room Thirteen: What three words best describe your music?
Olly: Metal, Drunk and Hot!

R13: What makes your show so special that they should be gutted they missed it?
Olly: We are four dudes with massive cocks that look great! Even if you don't enjoy the music you will enjopy just looking at us!

R13: So what's the best part of your body to photograph?
Olly: Well it's got to be my cock really! I suppose there's my arse too as I do have a nice arse but yeah either my cock or my arse!

R13: What would be your most embarrassing moment on stage?
Olly: We don't really have embarrassing moments..
R13: What about your worst moment on stage then?
Olly: We haven't really had that many... but that sounds rather arrogant doesn't it... I've fallen off a stage but nothing really too bad! I'm probably going to jinx it now and the stage will blow up or something!

R13: What would be your best moment on stage?
Olly: It's probably going to be playing today at Donington!

R13: If you had a pet badger what would you call it?
Olly: Horse

R13: What are the three things that you couldn't live without at Download?
Olly: Beer, cigarettes and women

R13: What is the most bizarre place you have had sex at a festival?
Olly: I've not really had much luck at festivals and I suppose I've only done the usual "outdoors" sex! Festival sex is pretty disgusting though as it's all smelly and stuff... unless you fuck on the first day then you're ok as you probably are still going to be a bit clean then. If you get to Sunday though you know that people are going to smell bad!

R13: Who is the smelliest band member?
Olly: Suppose that's going to have to be me then, but we all stink!

R13: Have you phoned your mum since you got here?
Olly: Yeah.
R13: What did you say?
Olly: Hello... How are you... told her I love her and I will speak to her soon. I haven't seen her in three weeks because we have been touring.

R13: Where did you band name come from?
Olly: It's from a book called 'The House of Leaves'. To be honest I hate talking about it too much as people should go off and read it themselves but basically it's an incredible horror story that's really interesting and Johnny Truant is a character in it!

R13: If people want to catch you after Download where will you be?
Olly: We have a month off and then we will be off to Europe. We're also doing a few more festivals and then we have a new record coming out in August. We will then be on tour to promote that.
R13: What will you be doing in your month off?
Olly: Doing exactly what I'm doing now just in different places! Rat Out!

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