Room Thirteen chats to Mr H.C.Banks(Chad) about Bryan's tragic death and their performance at Download.

Room Thirteen: So where are you and what are you up to?
Mr H. C. Banks III: We're in Luke Bell's [Panic Cell] house at the moment. We've had four days off since Glasgow and have set up camp here, which we affectionately call "Camp Drugs"!

R13: So the Glasgow gig saw you meet up with old pals Mudvayne and of course Panic Cell how did it go?
HCB: Glasgow was great!
R13: Are you pleased to be back in the UK?
HCB: Oh God yes! It's definitely going to be a different experience this time round though.

R13: You're playing Download in just couple of days time is this a gig you're looking forward to?
HCB: You could almost call the Download experience a right of passage that everyone goes through. Personally for me though I don't remember the last time we played Download. I probably remember about 15 minutes of the day. Bryan always used to give me shit about that.

R13: Download is being billed as a tribute to Bryan. How have you been able to pick yourselves up after his sudden death?
HCB: It was really fucking difficult. We ended up having to drive back to the airport in the same bus that he had died in. That's weird shit man!

R13: You seemed to jump straight back on tour. Was this a hard decision to make?
HCB: It was and it wasn't. There was one point where it was looking like we wouldn't be able to carry on due to extremely understandable personal reasons. You can't blame anybody for wanting to take some time out and go home to spend time with loved ones. I personally think it was amazing that we were able to get back out there within days. At the end of the day we could have sat at home and moaned about it or got up and just do what we do best!

R13: The press have covered Bryan's death from every angle and all the important things like his throat problems, him not being a drug addict or committing suicide have been rightly clarified. Do you think they were sympathetic with the coverage?
HCB: To be honest I've not really been on the internet since his death. I don't want to read a bunch of shit by people who didn't know him. I have read a few papers and the ones at home did a few big articles on him. There was a lot of misinformation regarding alcohol abuse and a massive drugs overdose and it just pissed me off. They didn't want the information they just wanted to get the story out there

R13: Final question about Bryan before we move on; what would you say was you fondest moment of your time with Bryan?
HCB: Probably the first day he agreed to join the band. There was wonderment in his eyes that sort of said "Oh my god I can't believe this is happening to me!"

R13: As they say the show must go on... Why have you decided on a new bassist and not a new guitarist?
HCB: I'm still trying to figure that one out but Benji is working out pretty well (He's sitting right in front of me!).
R13: How are things working out on stage?
HCB: On stage it's absolutely natural because we all seem to have the same mentality. If I go to spit in his face he will do it right back at me!
R13: Will he be doing a full set at Download?
HCB: We're only doing 5 songs so yeah I think so!

R13: So what will be the one thing you can't go to Download without (excluding musical instruments)?
HCB: I couldn't go to Download without alcohol... Actually that falls under the musical instruments! The only other thing I could not go to Download without is my dead cat's ashes. I keep them in a pewter and velvet box!
R13: Are you going to take them on stage with you?
HCB: I tend to keep them in my suitcase but for that show I will probably take them on stage with me!
R13: Will you hold them up on stage and let everyone cheer your dead cat?
HCB: Now I'm going to!

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