Room Thirteen catches up with Alterbridge for a quick five minute chat to discuss Creed, badminton and gigs in Paris.

R13: So, in short: What is Alterbridge all about?
Alterbridge: We're about pinball, ping pong and bowling.
R13: How about badminton?
A: Yeah, we play that... we've got some pro badminton players in our band!
R13: Anything else?
A: Golf... if you call that sport!

R13: So, with all this sport, would a Room Thirteen reader be right to expect you to put on an energetic show?
A: Of course! And full frontal nudity as well!
R13: Enough to have a 'parental advisory' sticker on your concert tickets?
A: Actually we really put a lot of effort into performing live....Well...We don't really have full frontal nudity. Just armadillos in our trousers! We also like to incorporate drink into our sets.

R13: How much have you had to drink today then?
A: Not much, we're just getting started. We're going off to drink in a minute when our beers arrive! We're heading out for Paris at midnight - we're driving.
R13: Where are you playing in Paris?
A: Uhhh.... No idea!

R13: That's the future - what about the history behind your band?
A: Three of us were in a former band named Creed. We hooked up with the other guys in the latter part of 2003. Our album was out in 2004 and we've been together since then!

R13: Do you have problems with people associating you with Creed still?
A: happens quite a bit. People just give us jip because of it. It's frustrating starting again and being at the bottom of the music chain again, but it really is refreshing to be doing it all again.

R13: Other than being in your band, what else do you get up to?
A: Well some of us have offspring - God help the world!
R13: Not got them here today?
A: Nah, I have seen lots of little kids running around today though. Our kids are too young to be here today - 2 weeks old and 2 years old, so too little for a festival.

R13: How old were you when you started to get into rock music?
A: When we were teenagers. We started playing instruments about then as well because it made us look cool.

R13: Seen any bands today or have you been stuck doing interviews and the like?
A: We saw a little bit of Anthrax, some Bowling For Soup... We're going to see Sabbath tonight! I think everyone is though...
R13: Yeah, it's slightly different to last night - everyone left when Feeder came on! I think most people only came on Friday to see Megadeth.
A: Oh, and we wanted to see Lamb of God as well, but we had other things to do then, which was a shame.

R13: What other festivals are you doing this year?
A: Several in Europe... Oooh! Beer!
[Half the band are handed beer smuggled out from the artist compound]
A: Oh. Festivals... Uhh...We're doing some in Germany as well.

[Band clutch their beers protectively as though they're cold]

R13: You're gonna warm yourself up on your cold beers then?
A: Oh yeah! Here! This is for our interviewer!
R13: Thank you...
A: Down in one!
R13: I can't.... I'm not meant to drink when I'm working!
A: Do it, do it, do it! You have to though - we need the cup back!
[R13 downs the beer]
A: Yeah... That's it...

[Rest of the band are given their beers and thank their partner in crime]
R13: That's good service there...
A: Yeah, Sony really look after us! We're only with them on an international basis, but they're still really good to us. They're the only label we've been with internationally - we don't need to change!

R13: What's happening regarding Alterbridge for the rest of the year?
A: We've got some new material.... and we've got to go now, so have a good evening! Enjoy Sabbath!
[The band are rushed off to another interviewer...]