In a UK exclusive interview A Static Lullaby show Room Thirteen what it means to be a US Rock and Roll band touring the UK.

Room Thirteen: First of all could you please introduce yourselves and explain your role(s) with in the band.
[Someone throws a chip towards Joe. He catches it in his beer and then promptly takes a big drink swallowing the chip whole]
Joe Brown: You're going to write about that aren't you!
R13: For sure!
JB: Claire, before we start I might have a drag on your cigarette?
[Joe takes the cigarette and belches loudly]
R13: So First of all could you please introduce yourselves and explain your role(s) with in the band.
JB: I'm Joe and I sing... and yeah that's pretty much all I do!
Phil Pirrone: I'm Phil and I play Bass and sing.
[Joe starts shouting in the background] Yeah I sing, yep I sing.
R13: You sound a bit fucked!
JB: Well yeah I am... But I sing and that's all I do!
PP: He's more of a circus clown
Dan Arnold: I'm Dan, I play Guitar and sing.
Nathan Lindeman: I'm Nath and I just play guitar!
JB: [in a weird voice] And I'm Brett and I play Drums!
PP: Yeah it's like he's really here!

R13: So how did you guys get together?
PP: We were all hanging around in a bar,
JB: And we met this scientist who said I have this great formula for a band,
DA: And he pitched it to us and here we are!
JB: Yeah he was this brilliant scientist...
PP: Actually we're been friends for a long time and we just thought it would be a great idea to be in a band.

R13: Where did you get the name 'A Static Lullaby' from?
JB: From a dream!
DA: We met this scientist and he said I have this great formula for a band.
JB: Think about it our band revolves around dreams!

R13: What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
JB: I had this dream I had a normal car... wait no... To you it might not be normal but to me it was because it was left hand side drive... And I was driving around London and every time I took a left hand corner I thought I was going to die! It was actually the worst nightmare I ever had. I woke up and I had wet my pants... it must have been a wet dream.

R13: You are on tour with Funeral for a Friend at the moment; what's been the highlight of the tour so far?
PP: Tonight's been really good.
R13: Didn't someone run on stage tonight?
JB: Yeah he grabbed me and I didn't know what was happening! I was like who, what, where, what the fuck and then that was it. He got grabbed off stage.
DA: They beat the shit out of him so I heard.
JB: No he went back into the crowd.
R13: No they walked him through the crowd and out the venue.
JB: That sucks, I should have held on to him...
PP: I would have given him a high five but he didn't look at me. He was sort of being carried off stage but if he had of had the chance to look at me I would have high fived him.
JB: We like that stuff and condone it. We like it when people run onstage
DA: Unless they are brandishing weapons then it's cool.

R13: So what's the reaction been from the Funeral fans?
JB: It's all been really good...really solid.

R13: What sort of preparation do you do before you go onstage?
NL: Dan does jumping jacks, I drink.
PP: Brett strips down to his underwear and does a load of push ups

R13: So you don't all have a pair of lucky underpants?
JB: Brett has some "British knickers". We call them skivvies... you call them knickers?
R13: Do you mean boxer shorts?
NL: Yeah boxers! They have the Union Jack on it and he goes out in nothing but them.
PP: Doesn't he wear shoes?
NL: Erm I don't know... yeah I think he wears shoes.
PP: I don't really look down to be honest... I sort of stop half way!

R13: DO you have any new material on the horizon?
JB: Oh yeah!
R13: You going to elaborate for our readers?
PP: Pretty much everyone has got riffs going on at the moment... and it's just a matter of putting them all together. Our album should be out very soon in the UK.
R13: Can you tell us when?
JB: we've asked but they can't tell us yet.

And with that everybody turns around in amusement, to listen to Jonah (Gratitude) sing eerily along to a Funeral For a Friend song that he will be performing with them later onstage.

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