Currently rampaging through Britain as part of the Kerrang XXV tour, Still Remains were taking the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with their UK fans. Guitarist Jordan Whelan (J) too time out from shaking hands and posing for pictures to answer some questions from Room Thirteen.

R13: How has the tour been so far?
J: Amazing. It's the biggest shows we have ever done, and to come back to the UK on such an archetypal tour, The Kerrang tour, we couldn't imagine coming back a better way. We were last here on the Roadrage tour and we wanted to come back bigger and it's the perfect tour. We're stoked.

R13: Any particular highlights?
J: The shows and the fans. The UK fans are amazing. My girlfriend is with me on the tour and I was always telling her about the fans and it's great. They're the best, the most fanatical and nowhere else in the world would we get this reaction. They are so friendly and want to talk and we want to meet everyone. Awesome fanatical kids.

R13: You are playing on the Kerrang 25th Anniversary tour, do you have any memories of Kerrang whilst growing up?
J: In the States it's not shipped, it's hard to find. I never grew up avidly reading it but I've known the magazine for years and to be part of this huge thing and it's out of my mind that we would get asked. I'm so proud we are on this tour.

R13: What do you think of the current status of magazines and websites?
J: I think it's really weird as it seems like all these bands I've listened to for years and only a few thousand people liked them, now there's hundreds of thousands worldwide. I think heavy metal is rising up again and the web really helps. For me, it couldn't have come at a better time.

R13: When you finish this tour, you start another one in the U.S. immediately, do you mind going from one continent to another so quickly?
J: Before this tour we had five weeks off, so we were ready to get back on the road and tour our butts off. We are the type of band who would tour all year round. We'll have a few weeks off here and there but yeah, keep playing.

R13: Are there any major differences between playing gigs in different continents?
J: The food. I love the food here. Some bands say they can't handle the food here but I love it. Chips and kebab shops, I love it all man.
R13: As you are in Glasgow, you should try a deep fried Mars Bar. Have you ever heard of that?
J: No, never heard of that.
R13: It's a chocolate bar deep fried in batter.
J: Really, cool, oh man. Is it any good?
R13: If you fancy having a heart attack, then yes, it's great.
J: (Laughs) Yeah, yeah, sounds good. I'll see about that later.

R13: The band seems really enthusiastic about being on the road, what were your touring highlights of last year?
J: The RoadRage tour, it was our first time overseas. Six weeks on our first bus tour. Playing Download and the German Rock Am festivals. So many bands and so many friends.
R13: I suppose for bands, festivals must seem like a holiday. Do you guys enjoy them as much as the fans?
J: Oh yeah, you become best friends with touring bands and then you won't see them for six months. Then at a festival and they are there, it's like a big family holiday.

R13: Do you have any plans for the follow up record?
J: I have been writing for the next record and we are talking about it but we want to tour out "Of Love And Lunacy." It's out first record, anyone that can get into it, we want them on this record and for the next one, that's our basis for starting. We started off with no fans and our first EP sold virtually nothing, so we want all the fans.

R13: Do you find it easy to write on the road?
J: I find it easy as I have some recording tools and I can plug in my headphones at the back of the bus. For the most part, I get most of my work done at three in the morning in my basement home studio. I'll hang out at night and then get to work and write and record.

R13: How do you like being signed to RoadRunner Records?
J: Oh, I grew up listening to RoadRunner bands all my life. To be part of a label with such a history and to be a part of that is incredible. At times I feel we're not worthy to be on it but in another way, it really inspires us and raises our game.

R13: Who is your favourite RoadRunner act?
J: Slipknot. It's pretty general but they are one of the heaviest in their style. And no one does it like them. They evolved their style and they are still around when 90% of the other nu-metal bands fizzled out.

R13: Your ex drummer AJ Barette used to be a bagpipe player. Does the band have any other Scottish secrets to make up for his absence?
J: Yeah, AJ left the band about five weeks ago, all in good circumstance and good terms, he just wanted to get back to schooling and leave the touring life. But yeah, he was an awesome bagpipe player, he had videos of himself playing bagpipes on "The Price Is Right" in America, it was awesome. I think the bagpipes are awesome.
R13: I don't know about the bagpipes but if you hear AC/DC's "It's a Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock 'N' Roll" then yeah, you have to say the bagpipes rock!
J: Totally man, what a song!! I agree completely.

R13: Any final messages for your UK fans?
J: Yeah, thanks for the support, come out and see us and say hello. We like to say hi and if you get the chance, pick up our album!

With Jordan heading off to enjoy the show and no doubt another UK culinary delight, Still Remains could only look back on a successful UK tour so far, and hope that their year continues in the vein it started.