As a band how did you think your performance was received by the public rather than critics at V?

Attentive at the back, through appreciative and enthused, to deranged at the front.
I didn’t see anyone leaving in disgust but I could be mistaken.
If I may be so bold, I think it was received very well.

Well talking to all the guys that saw the gig they fell in love with Jo, something to do with the uniform, the bottle of bud and the bass she was playing. How do you feel about it?

I feel that fashion, alcohol and the fender jazz bass are not a sound foundation upon which to build a modern marriage.

So how as a band did you get together? And how long have you been together?

We are in our seventh year together and unfortunately, there really isn’t a story. The town in which we live was, in 1997, a cultural vacuum and there were very few musicians who wanted to look beyond the short-term earnings of a regular spot at the Arse and Herring, playing “Mustang Sally” to a smattering of inebriated fishermen. We three were left thinking this to be no way to bring music to the masses…

What are your musical influences, if any?

We differ greatly between ourselves. Personally, I’d say Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, Eels, REM, Beck, Ryan Adams… in no particular order.

What do you say to the fact that say that you are better and far more talented than many mainstream bands that played at V, and especially in the NME tent.

I say better is entirely a matter of opinion and as such, I respect your collective opinion enormously although music should never be a matter of competition. I am confident that our work has always been to the highest possible standard and whether it sells 10 copies or 10 million copies will not change that.

Having read your weblog, what do you really think of pop music? By the way I doubt my readers will be offended as we like rock!

I hope your readers will not be offended to learn that I think pop to be no lesser an art form than rock. Guitar music is not inherently superior because it features “real instruments”, it is just that genuinely inspired and creative individuals have been more likely to work in this style. There is some very bad music made in the rock genre and some quality pop records which put these to shame. Admittedly, I think that the pop idol phenomenon has made the pop world as credible as the neo-nazi party but similarly, the processed angst-by-numbers of the nu-metal movement and the sterile chart rock of the Busted/McFly era threaten to highlight the vulnerability of the once subversive rock medium to acts of terrorism from the men in dark suits and hoodies.

You’re new single 'How Did It Ever Come To This?' Is out soon, how do you hope that it will fair in the charts?

I hope it goes straight to number one and lingers there until the follow-up single replaces it… and so on and so forth. Any deviation from this course will result in a sustained period of clinical depression and my withdrawal from society.

Do you think the charts are worth bothering about? And that they are lined up for pop music and not real music such as rock.

It gets really difficult to know what real music is anymore. The slime has seeped into the reservoir, the wolves dress as sheep and the mutton as lamb. I think you can only trust your own judgement and discretion as a listener to get the best from music. Consequently, if you look to the chart as a mark of quality, you may as well ask Jordan for a recommendation.

What is the best thing about performing live?

Those special moments when you know you have the undivided attention of everybody in the place. It doesn’t happen every time but when it does, it makes for a great show.

When will you be touring again?

I have no idea.

Where do you see EasyWorld going in the near future?

I have less idea.

If you had to compare yourself to a band today, who would it be?

A tricky one… if we were very much like anyone else, there would be no reason to do it at all.
I would like to be more like fugazi. Their attitude toward their fans and the music business is impeccable. Their music is great too.

What has been your best experience so far since you started in the music business?

First loud play-through of the finished version of “This is Where I Stand”. Listening to the first studio album of songs I had written and knowing it was too late to change anything and thinking it was brilliant.

Have you had any weird requests from fans?

Have been asked to sign fresh asparagus, a pair of breasts and a penis (not all at the same time)

Thanks a lot for your time, and I hope that we get to see you out and about soon. I and everyone at wishes you well for the future. You are our tip for the top. Just hope you remember us when you are up at the top! Good luck with the single.

Thanks hugely for your support and for swimming against the tide.