With a work effort that would put most bands to shame, no one can accuse The Hedrons of not paying their dues. The Glasgow four piece have been rocking out solidly for what seems like an eternity yet the sense of fun and enjoyment still shines from them. Room 13 caught up with Tippi (vocals and guitar) and Chi (bass) to discuss their crazy year so far and about what lay ahead for the gals. Bright lighting and caffeine were the order of the day as the girls drew breath and explained why, at the end of the day, their only aim is to be known as a great little rock n' roll band.

R13: The band has played a phenomenal amount of gigs already this year, are you still having fun?
TH: Absolutely.
CH: We've been keeping it up to date and changing the set-list so that we are enjoying it. I think if we're having a great time, there's more chance of the audience being into it as well.
TH: There are bands who play too much but we play to become better and have fun.

R13: Any rock and roll burnout or funny tales to tell?
TH: No, not at the moment. (Amidst much laughter from the band.)
CH: What happens on tour, stays on tour! Its also good practice for some of the larger tours we have planned for later, so its all been good so far.
TH: It is hard work and we do look after ourselves but there is a line you cant cross.

R13: At the end of last year there was a fair bit of media exposure about the band, particularly with Alan McGee championing yourselves. Has this added any pressure?
TH: I don't think it adds pressure but we are really excited about it. Its good to know that all the work, rehearsing and songwriting that we do is paying off.
CH: We do read our media but we don't take it all too seriously. We played Alan McGees club in London and he didn't have to say that, so you can only take it as a good thing.
TH: If people don't like us, fair enough. If people like us, great. We just try and put a great show on.

R13: You are playing Download Festival soon, are you looking forward to that?
TH: Yeah, bring it on! So many big bands are playing and the line-up is fantastic.
CH: Even if you're not a fan, just having a band like Guns N' Roses on the bill is great. Waiting ten years for an album? Now that's pressure and that show is going to be so interesting. Even on the lower stages, there are so many good bands going on.
TH: We're definitely going to wander around, see different bands and then meet up at the end. I've heard a lot about the Secret Machines and they are on the same day as us, so I think I'll try and see them. And I'm completely intrigued by Henry Rollins, so he's another one.
CH: And Alice In Chains, they're an influence and they are on early so I'll try and check them out.

R13: With such a great line-up, why should the fans come along and check out your set?
TH: They'll be shocked at how good the show is! We're not girls.
CH: Well, we are girls obviously but look at the line-up, its male orientated. Four girls in one band and we know we're going to rock as much as any other band. We did get some posters made up today and Tippi looks a bit emo-boy in it so we could say it's a boy fronting a girl band which is usually the opposite.
TH: We'll give a lot of bands a run for their money and ruffle a few feathers but we're a band and that's it. Why restrict your influences or likes, come and see us!

R13: Any other festival or summer touring plans?
TH: We are playing Guilford festival and we are going on tour with the Towers of London next week and the week after. And we have our own tour booked for July / August time.
CH: The Towers of London rock and party so that's going to be a messy week. We'll match them drink for week, we may be girls but we're also Glaswegian.

R13: You're always playing gigs but do you have any single or album plans?
TH: Yes, our single is out on the 31st of July and it's called 'Be My Friend' and there will be another single in September and the album is scheduled for October.

R13: You are a band that really utilises myspace, have you found this makes a difference in the crowd you get at gigs?
TH: Absolutely. We are all hands on, the four of us run our site, we throw every bit of information about the band on and we get so many people talking to us and saying they heard us on myspace.
CH:It's about getting the music out there and it's such a good concept for bands.
TH: Sometimes it's hard work keeping on top of it all, after a gig staying up to all hours making sure we reply to everyone.

R13: Do you think there is an infrastructure for Scottish bands to break through or is it more difficult?
TH: I don't think it is about that, people can help you but it's about working your arse off, meeting the right people, getting lucky. Look at The Fratellis for instance, they've worked so hard and we see so many bands every night doing the same.
CH: Obviously the key area is London and that's where the companies are based so bands need to make it there to play in front of them and that can be dear but you have to work hard and just get out there.
TH: You have to have ambition, drive and have a good head for the business side.

R13: Any final messages for our readers?
TH: Come see us at Download, look out for us in the summer and keep in touch with us.
CH: It might take us a while but we will get in touch with anyone who wants to speak to us. Just get out there and have fun.

With the Download set affording the band the opportunity to seize a bigger audience and create a buzz before their single releases, there's every chance The Hedrons won't be getting any more spare time in the considerable future. It's unlikely they will complain about this and neither should you, as it just offers more chances to catch this band on the up and up. If you're going to Download and you're up early on Saturday, theres only place to be.