With the mud barely washed off peoples Wellingtons and next years tickets about to go on sale already, it hardly seems as though there is any time to reflect on T in the Park 06 although initial thoughts revolve it around being bigger, without necessarily being better.

Firstly, getting there and queuing seemed far better organised. I know queuing for a whole days worth of bands may seem like a trivial matter but it is the sort of thing which can put a dampener on proceedings but this year, for possibly the first time at Balado, there were no real queues to enter. An earlier gate opening time and improved procedures may just have improved this matter, no mean feat considering the attendance is rocketing rapidly.

However, a rapid growth in numbers turning up everyday requires bigger tent capacities and improved infrastructure. The Automatic and The Fratellis looked as though they could have been tremendous sets but due to the demand outstripping the potential supply, a whole load of people missed out. That didn't stop 'Monster' from being one of the chants of the weekend though and those lucky enough to have caught that live were fulsome in their praise of it.

Likewise, the popularity of the Slam Tent shows no signs of abating with the tent being closed for the 2many dj's slot. The Slam Tent also neatly sidestepped not showing the World Cup by having the penalty shoot-out live on its big screen. Sadly for Laurent Garnier, the French dj who was performing at the time, France lost out.

In addition to the reviews already featured on Room Thirteen, the initial part of The Strokes set seemed impressive with 'New York City Cops' sounding as great as ever. Julian sounded as drunk as ever though and with the memories of their last T performance still haunting music lovers, it was decided best to move on.

Overall, there was no doubt that the majority of attendees had a great time although the constant guff about "this year being the best ever" wears a bit thin. The weather was annoying at times but not any great problem but for all the talk of bigger and greater bands, there is a decreasing lack of bands that really catch your breath or innovate, the bigger the crowd becomes, the blander the headliners seem to get.

All in all though, the T in The Park festival continues to go from strength to strength and the initial batch of tickets are sure to sell rapidly come Tuesday morning.