Rm13: How was Bloodstock this year?
Jay: “This years Festival was the best so far, Gave us the chance to show what
4wk is really about; don’t get to play that size gig very often in this country so we made the most of it and enjoyed every minute. We recorded the set too, it’s in editing at the moment, a couple tracks will be on the Bloodstock live DVD release and a lot of the rest will be on our DVD which will be sorted at some point in the future.”

Rm13: How did you feel before you walked on stage?
Jay: “Ready to go and deliver a killer set-necked a couple drinks and on we went....”

Rm13: Is there a favourite venue that you've played, and why?
Jay: “Bloodstock, it’s a whole different thing when there is a decent production team and good organisation at a venue - makes the show a hell of a lot easier. There are some faves around the country, The Underworld in Camden has a good set up, Hobbits in Weston and Club200 Penzance are always good - oh also the Harp Rock Bar in Croydon is a cool Place, we’re back there in a couple weeks on the 25th which will be a good one – we always have a good time wherever we are in general, anywhere we don’t like, we just don’t go back to again.”

Rm13: “Did you get a chance to watch any of the other bands? What did you think?
Jay: Not as many as I would have liked, PANIC CELL rule at the moment – I think they are gonna be huge. Sadly I missed Infobia on the Friday but Podge and Rob saw it and said it was crackin'! Saw some of Primal Fear and C.O.B, most of Invey - all I did see was good, thought the atmosphere was cool in both Darwin suite and main hall, - can’t wait for next year...”

Rm13: Do you find it difficult to bring yourself back down to earth after a set?
Jay: “A-Ha Ha - No not at all, were all down to earth full time. Before a set we’re no different to after it and the only difference during a set is we just direct Fourwaykill stuff forward, we enjoy what we do and do it as heavy and brutal as we can.”

Rm13: Other than catch some of the other bands what did you all do?
Jay: “Caught up with loads of people we haven’t seen for a while and we partied, had a laugh, drank our hotel out of drink 3 times, we ended up havin’ the Bloodstock after show party back at our hotel, good, good night.... There’s some crackin’ vidcam footage I've seen ..........”

Rm13: Are you doing anything else for the next few months, or will you just be chilling?
Jay: “We don’t chill very often, last Sunday we were at the Bloodstock DVD
Launch party in London. I’ve been sorting stuff out for our Video airplay on Cable/ Sky. This Saturday we’re in Stoke, following week is Croydon. A couple weekend rehearsals to finish new material then Underworld gig with the Biomech boys; we’ve got to sort the video and recording dates over the next couple months, there’s bookings and enquiries coming in all over the place and well I could on for pages and pages.... its only gonna get busier which is exactly how we want it!”

Rm13: If you were a festival item, e.g.- wet wipes, what would you be? Why?
Jay: “Id be a Plastic Sword because Id then have a much better view of the stage

Rm13: Tell us something we don't know about the band.
Jay: Rob has a Popeye style Anchor tattooed on his dick

Rm13: Who would be your ideal bands to do a gig with?
Jay: “MachineHead/ Slayer/ Pantera/ FearFactory”

Rm13: After playing Bloodstock, have you been inspired to do anything differently, by it?
Jay: “Nope, we do what we do and don’t worry about stuff like that.”

Emily Warner