Labels on mainland Britain, particularly in England, are constantly on the lookout for new talent. They go to great lengths to discover the next best thing. However often they overlook the rest of Britain, which have just as good, if not better talent on offer; particularly in the case of Northern Ireland.

We have learned, by exploring the Ulster scene, both physically and with the help of MySpace, that more often than enough bands from the province are given virtually no credit for being just as good, if not better, than some "run of the mill" bands in England, that clutch unto the fact that they're "signed".

We also learned that; there are no music festivals of any substance in the region (with the exception of Tennents Vital); there are practically no venues; (three of any real essence which are pretty poorly by any standards) and, up until the invention of MySpace, there was no real means of exposure for Northern Irish talent (bands prior to which resorted to moving to areas in mainland Britain, where they might hope to be noticed). Click
herefor more in part 1.

Room 13 in the final chapter of our Northern Ireland-My Space Musical Maze Series, expose some more artists that excited us along the way. We hope to revisit the region in the near future to once again assess the nature of its music scene and to gather up some of the rising talent it has put forward. However, until then, we leave you with these:

A great band, from Belfast, with the makings of something huge, Oppenheimer are thoroughly amazing; Definitely something to watch for the future. They possess their own unique brand of Indie-Pop plated with electronica.
Recommended Track: 'This is Not A Test'

Red Organ Serpent Sound
A funky, sleezy rock-pop outfit from Derry. They are one hell of a band; their music is electrifying, their sound orgasmic. This band takes pride in being 100% original.
Recommended Track: 'In Search Of Orgasmuz'

The Dangerfields
It's not every day you see a drummer-fronted band, let alone one of this quality. This is hard rock at its very best. The Dangerfields are crystal-clear Metal Saviours in the making.
Recommended Track: 'Rock Club'

Triggerman are Metal without the bullshit; simply metal at it's very best. Described, in their own words, as "The Soundtrack to Beer"...that says it all really.
Recommended Track: 'Fire Water Demons'

The Evangelists
With influences like Primus and System Of A Down, there's no guess what The Evangelists' music sounds like. Hard, heavy and heavier. This band and their music have punk-metal genius written all over them.
Recommended Tracks: 'Microwave Man" and "Animal'

The Delawares
Crisp, special and purely fantastic, The Delawares continue to excite on a local level with their brand of acoustic rock; definitely worth a listen.
Recommended Tracks: 'Any'

The Japanese Popstars
These guys aren't Japanese, they're fully-fledged Irish men from the Northwest. They are genuinely brilliant too. May be worth a listen if you're into the whole dance-rock fusion.
Recommended Track: 'Dirty Popstars On Your Radio" and "Rodney Trotter'

Swanee River
Swanee River
Swanee River are a stroke of class. Not just another drop in the rock ocean. Keep your eye on this bunch of lads.
Recommended Track: 'If You Want Some Lovin''

Trip Fontane Fontane are passionate rock in its unsung glory. Definitely maybe, great things can be expected of them.
Recommended Track: 'Air Raid'