This is one of the funniest autobiographies I have ever read, and every aspiring musician ought to read it as you may learn a few harsh realities about the music business. As this book is very much about the broken dreams of youth and the kick the pants that life gives you before giving you surprises that you thought were long gone.

This is the story of Neil McCormick, one of Britainís leading rock critics, who has a column in the Daily Telegraph. Neil had the misfortune to go to school in Dublin, and sit next to one Paul Hewson, both dreaming of rock and roll stardom. While Paul became Bono and his star went intergalactic, Neilís sadly came crashing down to earth with a very big bump.

In this autobiography you laugh and you can cry along with Neil, who charts his varied attempts at greatness in the music industry and how more doors were slammed in his face than in Black Rods at the State Opening of Parliament!

I could attempt to name just some of the guest appearances in this book Bono, U2 and the McCormick clan make regular appearances but who can forget the Pope and a musical cast that would make some people green with envy.

This is very much a story about the down side of fame and fortune, in the supposedly get rich quick music business. It shatters a few allusions if any are left, but you are always left with a feeling of hope in the book that something better is round the corner. But he does finally lay to bed the question of who really was the ď5thĒ member of U2, I could answer that here, but read the book and find out yourself!

And when you finally get to the end of the book after sharing his life, it is then you find that Neil has finally got a record coming out, yes after 25 years! But this came more as a bolt of the blue than planned Ė one of lifeís curved balls you sometimes get thrown. Just goes to prove, there are somethingís left in life that will always surprise us.

This is a fantastic book to read and I canít recommend it highly enough, if you want to understand what the music industry is like then read it. And if you want something funny then read it!

Published by Penguin/ Michael Joseph Paperback UK price £12.99
ISBN 0-718-14632-8