R13: What can we expect from your forthcoming UK dates?
Kosheen:We'll be showcasing material from the new album 'Damage' alongside favourites from our other two albums 'Resist' and 'Kokopelli'. We've integrated a great visual element as well.

R13: How does 'Damage' differ from your other albums?
Kosheen:I think Damage is more electronic sounding than the other two. It still has our vibe but with more of a twist. It's difficult describing your own music.

R13: What were your initial plans when you decided to make a new record, did you make a conscious decision to make an album that has a certain feel?
Kosheen:We never consciously have anything particular in mind. We go into the studio and just create. It keeps it interesting for us that way. I think if we had a plan to make an album in a particular style or format it wouldn't come across as us.

R13: You've been out of the limelight for a few years, how long did 'Damage' take to record?
Kosheen:We've been gigging and working on the album for around 3 years. We haven't had a lot of time in the studio because of the touring and gigs. We've also changed record labels which took a while.

R13: You've been together for a while (in music industry years at least) now, what has the experience that you've had with other records taught you about expectations to have with a new release?
Kosheen:We pretty much do what we like and try not to follow anybody else's advice. Our own experiences have taught us that.

R13: Are the fans that you have now the same as those who supported the band from the beginning, or have you been seeing a fresh waves of support?
Kosheen:There is a real cross section of people that come to our gigs. Of course there are new fans that come but there are also people that have been there from day one. We see them a certain gigs and say hi and have a chat.

R13: We're primarily a rock music website, you've all previously cited lots of rock and punk acts as influences, why do you think rock and indie fans should give your music a listen?
Kosheen:I suppose we fuse elements from those genres into our music with electronica to try and create something new. It's not really anything that people haven't done before of the last few years but we think we have a unique and distinct sound.

R13: What's been on your stereo recently?
Kosheen:Viva City, Klaxons and Chemical Brothers

R13: What are you most looking forward to about touring the UK again?
Kosheen:Seeing the fans again and playing the new material.

R13: What has the best moment of being in Kosheen so far?
Kosheen:Travelling the world.