BBC Scotland has moved to plush new surrounding down by the Clyde and along from the Squinty Bridge and to celebrate this fact they decided to get some bands along to play for them. As well as the bands involved, Scottish indie stalwarts such as Sons and Daughters, Aerogramme (RIP) and Idlewild were all in attendance so Room13 had to be there as well. After some introductions from Vic Galloway, the Royal We took to the stage and more than justified your share of the licence fee alone.

With an album due out on Geographic next month you would think the band would be on a high but no, they are going to go their separate ways after the album's release. Their set would make you question the thinking behind this decision as they easily fit in with the great and the good of the Glasgow bands. With a history stretching across a lot of Glasgow bands and bars, The Royal We's mix of hypnotic drive and occasional keyboard pomp proved to be a winner. When you threw in the piercing vocals of Skipper G-Nut, it's a shame to realise the bands demise is coming soon. Buy the album!

Between bands, Vic Galloways normal radio show kicked in and as well as The White Stripes' latest single (proving Jack has lost no touch of melody or charm), a Sons and Daughters single cut the night like a knife. Missing out on an appearance this week due to a band holiday, the act remains one of Glasgow's charms, if for no greater reason than they turn up at a lot of the same gigs as this reviewer.

Next up were The Dykeenies, a band well featured on Room13 and recipients of a lot of praise. Playing a largely acoustic set, opening with prior single 'New Ideas' allowed the act to grab some initiative and their part of the show got off to a flier. Their set was halted mid-flow to allow the news on the airwaves but returning with a David Bowie cover, the band rescued the set and turned in a strong outing.

Even though it was a free night, the wine running out by 21.20 caused a stir. Your Room13 writers diligently pay their licence fees (Direct Debit mandate available on request to prove it) and yet they're denied an excessive amount of free booze? Unbelievable!! In the same week that BBC Scotland launched 'Legit' on TV, a lot more money could have been saved by not commissioning that rubbish in the first place. And let's not get us started on the pundits that BBC Scotland's football coverage employs, which takes the notion of impartiality and replaces it with a bias that would shame Pravda. It's such an insular organisation at times but thankfully, it does have some saving graces. One, it's not STV and secondly, the most important reason was unfolding before our ears and eyes. Vic Galloway is a Godsend with his ear for music and tonights headliner, Emma Pollock, was sensational. In the space of three live performances since mid-July, Emma has gone from "yeah, the ex-Delgados singer" to "one of the artists of the year!" With the album hitting the shops this coming Monday, every song in her set seemed as vital and as exciting as the last. Beautiful melodies clash with chiming guitars and when the keyboards run so charmingly as they do on 'Adrenaline', it's a joy to behold as an infectious glee creeps over the crowd. Set closer 'The Optimist' stands apart by displaying a darker heart than its peers but its kinship with Radioheads 'My Iron Lung' gives an indication of where Emma Pollock is heading. Tonight she slayed an invited crowd in her home region but give the lady a few months and she might rule the world. The breaks never fell for The Delgados but hopefully Emma Pollock will get her days in the sunshine as she more than deserves them. BBC Scotland may have its problems but if it can keep providing the nation with entertainment like this then that licence fee is an utter steal.