After recently touring with Elliot Minor, You Me At Six took some time out to write and record some tracks for their debut album. While they did, we managed to squeeze in a few questions.

R13: So how did you lads get together?
Matt: Well Josh and Max used to be in a band together with a few other friends when they were a bit younger, but that fell apart pretty quickly. A few months later, they started a new band and asked me to join along with our old drummer and guitarist, just a few friends having a laugh. We wrote a few songs but we didn't really feel the vibe so we made a few changes here and there and here we are today.

R13: How would you describe your music?
Josh: Everyone has labelled us as just another pop punk band, but we're far more diverse than we're given credit for, people just haven't heard it yet!!

R13: Who are your biggest musical influences?
Josh: Other musicians, personally I am heavily influenced by Drive Thru Records and Fuelled By Ramen.

R13: Where do you get the inspiration behind your songs?
Josh: We all seem to bounce off each other when writing our songs, so we push each other to write the simplest but most effective songs possible!

R13: Does everyone get a say in lyrics and what to sing at a live show?
Josh: Usually it's just myself as I find the lyric writing process a very personal aspect of being in this band, but other members are getting involved now.

R13: How are differences of opinion overcome?
Josh: In the Octagon, bare knuckle fighting.

R13: What is your debut single 'Save It For The Bedroom' all about?
Josh: Girls, and a whole lot of morals. No one in particular, but I just don't get why some girls have so little tact.

R13: What was it like touring with Elliot Minor?
Josh: Interesting, the venues were huge, so we had fun!

R13: Were you all well behaved or are there secrets you can share about touring with them?
Josh: They weren't allowed to party, so we had to work twice as hard. Our boys in Enjoy Destroy were amazing though!

R13: What can we expect from a 'You Me At Six' live show?
Josh: Blood, sweat, and a whole lot of debauchery.

R13: What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you as part of the band?
Josh: Nothing ever embarrassing happens to me, because I am simply too cool.

R13: If you could duet with anyone who would it be, and why?
Josh: Will Smith, because he's the Fresh Prince.

R13: What can we expect from the band over the next few months?
Josh: Way too much touring, album release etc! Fingers crossed 08 will be our most hectic year to date.

R13: What is the most embarrassing CD in your collection?
Josh: Michael Jackson greatest hits.

R13: Lastly, any comments for your fans?
Josh: We love you, see you on the road!

The lads are back on the road with their very own headline tour in the coming months.