Floors and Walls were one of the pick of the bands to be featured on our Myspace site in 2007, so it seemed essential to catch up with them to review their year.

Bass player Ian Booth did the honours and answered a few questions.

R13: It seems like it’s been quite a year for you! What would you say has you’re your particular highlight as a band?
I: Just releasing the album was a major highlight for us, having the finished copy ready to go was a great feeling but mainly the release party we had at Concorde2 in Brighton. The sickest gig ever! Playing the Isle of Wight comes pretty close as well, very messy weekend!

R13: This time last year you were preparing to release your debut album ‘What Can We Do Today’. Can you tell us what your expectations were going into 2007?
I: We didn’t really have any expectations, we just wanted to play as much as possible and show everyone what we can do.

R13: Having put out the album on independent label South Coast Sounds early this year, have you received any interest from other leading labels since? If so, can you say who from?
I: No comment.

R13: Do you consider the album to have been a success, commercially and personally?
I: To us it has been very successful. We don’t know how many exactly we have sold but that’s not our main focus as the people who have bought it seem to love it, that means a lot more to us.

R13: As this was your debut record, have you toured the album extensively? I remember catching you in Bristol. Have you any plans to play further a field?
I: Yes we have been touring it for the past year in as many places as possible but we've got our first gig outside the UK in February playing at the Flatline Festival in Austria. It’s a free snowboarding festival that should attract about 8000 people, so should be great. We want to tour a lot more though, preferably every day, so we're waiting for a nice little support slot!

R13: Which of your shows would you consider to have been your favourite live performance this year, and why?
I: It has to be Concorde and Hectors House, both in Brighton. They were just a bit mental, everyone just partying, which is what we're all about.

R13: 2007 has been an excellent year for new music. Which albums have been dominating your CD players and iPods over the past twelve months?
I: Way too many to list but a few choices have been Pendulum ‘Hold Your Colour’, Muse ‘Blackholes and Revelations’, Incubus ‘Light Grenades’, ‘Billy Talent 2’ and Arctic Monkeys ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’.

R13: Have you any juicy gossip or interesting anecdotes involving any stars or celebrities that you can name drop for us? This is your opportunity to show off your wealth of famous encounters!
I: We met Chris Eubank the day he got arrested in London, he was filling up his truck before going off to annoy Blair but I don’t think we really fit in with famous people.

R13: Brighton is currently known as a hotbed of new musical talent. Which acts do you think are going to break through and attract attention during 2008?
I: The music scene here is brilliant, I know everyone says this about his or her city but I think we have got the best unsigned scene in the country. Great bands to listen out for are Your Army, Thedealwasforthediamond, The Chedington Incident and Gloria Cycles.

R13: Finally, what are your hopes, aspirations and plans so far for 2008?
I: WORLD DOMINATION WUHHAAA! We just want to keep doing what we're doing, we've got a load of new tracks that we want to get out there and obviously playing loads of sick gigs!

R13: Ok, one more. As this is the season and all that jazz, what do you all want for Christmas from Santa?
I: Keeley Hazell and one of our videos on MTV2.