The Edge has been busy this last year or so, in the studio with the rest of U2 to write and record their brand new album, which will be released later this year. He has also been in the U2 archive and playing with the mixing decks, and digital technology. Just as the Joshua Tree was digitally remastered last year for the twentieth anniversary since the release of the album,;this year they are re-releasing not one but three albums on 21st July.

The three albums, 'Boy', 'October' and 'War' have all been remastered, and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on the deluxe versions (I got deluxe 'Boy' and 'October') you get additional CDs with some previously unreleased material and other unreleased mixes of tracks.

With all three versions you get brand new liner notes for each album plus previously unseen pictures and full lyrics. Paul Morley has written the notes for 'Boy', Neil McCormick for 'October' and Niall Stokes for 'War'. All give explanatory notes on the bonus material by The Edge.

As any fan of U2 will tell you, especially the long time fan, 'Boy,' 'October' and 'War' chart the development of U2 as a band, from just being four boys from Dublin (ok if you are being picky two Irish lads, one Welsh and one English lad). All three albums have been remastered from the original tapes, and sound even better than the originals (yes I have the original vinyl and then when released cds, and if I really look even the cassettes!). There is a wonderful clarity of sound on all three albums.

With the two deluxe sets that I have been sent and the “ordinary” version of 'War', the two deluxe sets make me want to go out and get the deluxe version of 'War'. Why? Because the two bonus cds from 'Boy' and 'October' are fantastic!

As a child of the 80’s I remember the Marquee Club in London, as a hip and happening a place to hear some of the best live music from up and coming bands, and from gigs there the albums feaure 'Boy', 'Boy-Girl' and '11 O’Clock Tick Tock'. I can even remember when you could see bands at the Hammersmith Palais; 'October' has five bonus tracks recorded there, including one of my all time favourites 'I Threw A Brick Through A Window'. Plus there are live sessions recorded at The Paradise Theatre, Boston and Hattem in the Netherlands, as well as BBC sessions.

Many fans have often dismissed 'October' as the album the band hurried as a follow up to 'Boy'; I think the remastering of the album will make those fans think again, it is clear precise, and contains some of the live classics such as 'Gloria'. I think the passage of time and the remastered digitalisation of the album will enhance any fans enjoyment of the album.

'War', well that is just as brilliant as it always has been. The album that made a lot of people sit up and take notice of U2, and it was a hell of a lot harder to get tickets to the War Tour than previously! This album could be regarded as the big breakthrough album, but to me the breakthrough album was and always will be 'Boy'. From there they just improved and experimented along the way, a musical journey that has been fun and hard at times. I still can’t thank my mate enough when he said he was going up to Manchester Poly to see this new band from Ireland, and as it was only 10p return on the bus I went too, a teenager, who had to search through out Manchester to get hold of his copy of 'Boy' (Vinyl in those days). All you need to do now is either buy the set at your local record store, where there will be CD and vinyl versions and for those anoraks it is available digitally (why would you?).

The deluxe version will be the one for the fans, it has everything you want, require and need. Well that is till they release the new album and go out on tour...any spare tickets lads?

If I were to give the three albums a score then it would be the Roomthirteen 13 out of 13.
And the fan's score - out of this world!