Taking time out from a busy UK touring schedule, The Boxer Rebellion bassist, Adam Harrison (AH), speaks to Room Thirteen about what has been a very exciting year for the band

R13: You're currently touring the UK to promote the CD release of 'Union'. How has the tour been so far?
AH: The tour has been great so far. All of the gigs have been bigger and crazier than before and we've pulled off some big performances!

R13: How did the recent HMV in-store appearances go?
AH: They were well worth doing and helped to encourage quite a few album sales. It was a little sterile though; under all of the shop lights it's harder to pull off a full-on performance.

R13: You released a self-titled EP and your first album, 'Exits', under the Poptones Record Label. What was this period like for the band?
AH: It was exciting and frustrating at the same time. We were all really amped to be signed and releasing music, but the shortcomings of the label and the lack of success that this led to was hard to stomach.

R13: The digital release of 'Union' in January 2009 caused quite a commotion. This must have been an exciting time for you?
AH: It was the greatest week of our lives. We didn't know what to expect and to have so many people around the world listening to our music was an incredible feeling. We ended up as the first unsigned band to break the billboard Top 100 in the United States, which was an amazing shock to have.

R13: Over recent months, the band made quite a few UK festival appearances; were these useful for promoting the new album?
AH: Definitely! At festivals you play to a very important group of people; those that might not see your own show, but are interested enough to build it into a festival schedule. To win over those people is the best promotion on the live scene.

R13: The Boxer Rebellion has supported a variety of artists, such as Lenny Kravitz and Gary Numan. Could signing to a major record label be the next pursuit for the band?
AH: Not necessarily. So far we have sold over 30,000 records and have played amazing festivals and live shows. Our album is in the shops and even after all of this we retain complete control over all of our rights. With forward-thinking partners, such as HMV and iTunes, bands now have an alternative route to the well-worn and dated traditional label path. It would be hard for us to go back to that, as the industry is changing, but I'd never say never.

R13: You often embark on tours around Europe and the United States. Is this for the love of touring or the desire to expand your worldwide fan-base?
AH: Both. Playing shows in amazing new places is awesome and to expand a fan-base on top of that is essential.

R13: Earlier this month, you released the video for 'Flashing Red Light Means Go'. How did you come to adopt the unique artistic style?
AH: One great thing about being around for eight years is that you gain many artistic friends, with whom you share mutual artistic respect. One those friends is an amazing guy called Grant Berry- he has done a few videos with us and is an innovator in animation. We love his work and feel it does our music justice and vice versa.

R13: Also recently released was a remix of 'Semi-Automatic'. Was this well received?
AH: It was. It has received quite a few plays by DJ's and it's nice for us to hear other peoples interpretations of our songs.

R13: Although judging by recent activity, it seems you might all become New York film stars instead!?
AH: Well, I'm not sure it'll lead to that, but yes, we've been doing a really exciting film with New Line Cinema that I can't talk too much about. Keep your eyes peeled!

R13: Finally, the band has some tour dates in Australia at the end of this year; is there anything else exciting lined up for the future?
AH: The film (as above) and more touring, like Australia and Japan. We are also really excited about writing the third album... Also getting some sleep and using my own toilet.

To view The Boxer Rebellion’s new video, visit www.theboxerrebellion.com, which also features their tour dates, plus details of their album, ‘Union’.