Sometimes there are bands you take to on first hearing and The Raveonettes are one of the acts. Crashing into the UK midset in the early years of this decade, their sound may not have evolved too much but when they deliver an excellent blend of pop, punk and 60s cool, there isn’t much need to deviate. We caught up with Sharin Foo, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who rattled through some answers very quickly for us.

R13:Hi Sharin, good to talk to you. Your new album is called ‘In and Out of Control’. What is the most out of control thing you have did on tour?
SF:You really don’t want to know and I don’t want to tell you.

R13:To those who may be unfamiliar with your band, could you sum up The Raveonettes in your own words?
SF: No

R13:Okay...It’s your fourth full length studio album; does it get any easier?
SF: No. Each album is a different process. In a way it gets more difficult. As we grow up and the world expands so does the possibilities and choices to make.

R13:Any plans to hit the UK with a new tour?
SF: Yes. In December. We will bring Christmas songs.

R13:Has the fact that Sune Rose took some out to make a solo album helped revitalise the band for the new album and tour?
SF:I don’t necessarily think so. But it’s good to have a varied palette of experience and creative outlets in general.

R13:How do you feel about the fact that certain bands in recent years have made a breakthrough with a similar sound to the styles that you have been championing since 2002?
SF:Feel fine about it. Sometimes we’re hip and sometimes we’re not. We just do what we like.

R13:What are your hopes for the new record?
SF:World domination.

R13:What have you learned since being in a band and how has it come through in your new album?
SF:To know when to take control and when to let go of it.

R13:Are there any old favourites included in your current live show?
SF:There’s lots of them. We play songs from all Raveonettes eras: I personally really enjoy playing ‘veronica fever’,’ that great love sound’, ‘Lust’ and an old obscure b side from the ‘whip it on’ days: ‘experiment in black’. As well as the new songs of course.

R13:You’ve obviously worked with big names like Richard Goftehrer and Ronnie Spector, do you have any plans or hopes for further collaborations with other acts you admire?
SF: I would love to work with RZA and director Thomas Alfredson.

R13:Given the fact that you worked with Ronnie and the 60s sound has been a massive influence on you, do you feel its important to remember the music made by Phil Spector even though his legacy for many will now be non music related?
SF: Don’t let Phil get in the way of his work.

R13:Do you feel that Chicago deserved to lose out in the 2016 Olympic Race due to the fact that the American Embassy blew off your band to look after Obama, Oprah etc?
SF: I think Rio De Janeiro will be a beautiful setting for the Olympics. No one deserves to lose out but there is only one winner unfortunately.

R13:If you could go for an Olympic gold medal, what would it be in?
SF: Sune would go for tennis, I would go for the winter Olympics. Skiing.

R13:What does 2010 hold for The Raveonettes?
SF: Lots of touring and hopefully good times.

And with that, the band were whipping it on to the United States to continue their promotion of their new album but as Sharin says, they will be back in the UK for Christmas with some new songs, and no doubt their Christmas single, wrapped up for their enduring fanbase.