R13 - What is the story behind your latest single to be released on January 10th 2005?

LV – Written around this time last year. It captures the emotions that we felt at the time. Also it hints at where we want to take our music.

R13 - What would you describe as the emotional core of your music?

LV - Life

R13 - How did you get to record with Pearl Jam’s Producer Parahar?

LV - We had a list of producers whose albums we had liked, and sent off Demo’s. Rick said he would love to do it and was really into the tracks.

R13 - Do you still believe in crafting songs that reflect human experiences, and if so why?

LV – Yeah. We think that they’re the only important things. What else is there?

R13 - How much of an influence was Manchester in your music?

LV – It played an important part, we were big Smiths fans, also The Stone Roses. The Manchester community helped us when we were starting out with places to play, and other bands in town too.

R13 - How would you describe Long View’s Style of music? Or would you prefer not to be put into a particular style or genre?

LV – We prefer not to be put into a particular style.

R13 - When do you hope to hit the road again, and what sort of gigs are you looking to play?

LV - Hoping to spend much of 2005 on tour, hopefully in America, playing to people that want to hear us.

R13 - What are the plans for Long-View over the next year?

LV - We have just signed a deal with Sony in the US. So we will be promoting Mercury out there, plus finishing tracks for the next record.

R13 - What are the influences for Long-View?

LV - John Lennon, Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, Ride, The Verve, The Smiths.

R13 - What would you advise to all aspiring musicians?

LV - Don’t be changed if it doesn’t feel right.

R13 - Where do you see Long-View in five years time?

LV – Hopefully, writing creative, real music that relates to real people in everyday life.

R13 - Would you ever sell out your principles to have a commercially successful album or single?

LV – No

R13 - Do you ever worry about what music critics have to say, or do you follow the Frank Zappa approach??? ( Music critics being unable to write, interviewing those that can’t speak, for those who can’t read!)

LV- No