DAY 1 This is it! One of the biggest metal events of the year. Sonisphere is one of the main rock and metal festivals held every year at the legendary Knebworth. This is the third year of Sonisphere and it brings what was proclaimed as the "Event of the Year" by Metal Hammer Golden Gods. Yes, the Big4 will share a stage in the UK for the first time in the history of metal.

However, the day starts with typical English festival weather. The torrential rainfall comes down just as we arrive at Knebworth. Luckily there is a quick break whilst we quickly erect our tents.

The day is kicked off by Japanese Voyeurs blasting through their Nirvana inspired set list, but the buzz is starting at the Apollo Stage where Diamond Head will kick the whole Big4 event off. It is easy to forget that Diamond Head originally wrote what are now familiar Metallica tracks out such as 'Helpless' and 'Am I Evil'.

Anthrax is the first official Big4 band on the stage, and with Scott Ian remaining in the US for the birth of his child, Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) steps in to do the honours. Joey Belladonna is on top form, sprinting up and down the stage as if he is in his mid-twenties.

Friday was Superheroes day, and with various interpretations of what defines a super hero, some costumes were, well imaginative. Although the one that stood out was the six foot tall, bearded and nose-ringed metalhead, built like a brick shithouse in a panda outfit!

The sun comes out for Megadeth; and Mustaine and the boys are extremely well received by the thrash fans. Slayer is up next with an ever so fierce mosh pit. You cannot be a metalhead until you've been in a Slayer moshpit. The Big4 day is wrapped up by the Metallica boys; and they do a fantastic job of it. The cherry on the cake is when James Hetfield invites the rest of the Big4 to join them on the stage, to play the perhaps predictable, 'Am I Evil?'.

Killing Joke and Hayseed Dixie wraps the day up at the Bohemia Stage. I'm off to get a good night's sleep, not.

DAY 2 kicks off with a hangover, sore bones and desperate need for a Full English breakfast. It is an absolutely stunning start to the day, but we all know it won't last. Replenished with a 'Total Rehab' breakfast and a strong coffee, we are ready to hit Knebworth again.

We kicked the day off with an impressive set by Sylosis at the Apollo Stage, and an even more impressive attendance by slightly drunk, slightly sober, very hungover metalheads; and this at 11am in the morning! With most of the morning spent at the Apollo Stage for Architects and Cavalera Conspiracy, we move to the covered stages just in time for the afternoon showers, for Revoker and TesseracT at the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage and Gojira at the Bohemia stage. Day two was neatly wrapped up by hard rockers, Black Spiders, at the Jagermeister stage and way too much alcohol again; whilst the rest of Knebworth are bopping to Weezer and Biffy Clyro.

DAY 3 gets a kick start from two strong coffees and another Total Rehab breakfast. The Apollo stage is opened by "Elvis Metallers", Volbeat and the prospect of an amazing line up ahead between the main stages. One of the highlights of today was the two minute silence for Paul Gray. Witnessing 60,000 metalheads in total silence at a festival still gives me goosebumps. All the stages are quiet, the shops are quiet even the Fair Ground comes to a halt. Total respect is expressed across Knebworth whilst Paul Gray's boiler suit and mask is on display on the Saturn Stage. Horns in the air, the whole park erupts after the two minutes and there is more than one fan with tears in their eyes.

With a day filled with Arch Enemy, In Flames, Mastodon, Opeth and Motorhead, Slipknot brings the whole event to an end with one of their best sets ever.

Sonisphere should be proud of one of the best events of the year and with over 60,000 tickets sold, it was totally sold out. Tickets to 2012 Sonisphere will be going on sale on Wednesday 13th July 2011. See you there!!