Room Thirteen recently travelled down to photographer Tom Barnes' studio in Guildford to catch up with hotly-tipped Brit punk/alt-rock band Max Raptor on the set of the video for their new single Carolina.

Closely based on the song's lyrical theme of a dysfunctional family, the video is shot on a custom-built 60s/70s style set, complete with copious empty beer cans, over-flowing ashtray and (ill-fated) flying ducks, and features vocalist Wil Ray, looking stylish in a vest covered in noodle-juice, as the abusive and alcoholic family patriarch whose role is ultimately to be usurped by the son.

R13: You managed to keep your line-up change pretty quiet, any dirt to dish?
Wil Ray: Ha's all amicable, just two guys wanting to go in other directions; JB has a new family and Tom left for personal reasons, and good luck to 'em both. We had some great times and massive shows! Now we have two amazing new guys Chris Gilbert and Pete Reisner. Chris came in last year to cover some festivals, but has really slotted in perfectly and loves playing for Max Raptor. He's written 6 new tracks as well, so he's putting in a load of time. We all went to school together and Pete's local. Chris studied music with Matt (Stevenson) years ago, down in Chichester I believe. That's it, sorry, no throwing of vases or huge lawsuits...

R13: Carolina covers some fairly weighty themes. Were you concerned about trying to convey that in a music vid?
WR: Yeah, it is always an issue trying to get video content that reflects a song. It seems to be that for everyone broadcasting out on MTV anything goes, and the later into the night you get it's all guns, bling, women, death etc's dull, contrived and recycled. Stuff we do in the vids is implied, but inline with what we're singing about...why can't you show this stuff? This is the serious stuff people need to see rather than censor out. We keep it slightly Hitchcockian, with random band member appearances, which is always fun. I reckon whoever is controlling content needs to show some level of responsibility as to what gets chucked and what gets's all relative to what the song is about...right, I'll stop rambling now.

R13: Lyrically, 'Carolina' is a social commentary on a stereotypical working-class/non-working class family. Where do you draw your influences?
WR: It could be anyone really, anywhere and in anytime. Whether it's a class thing or not, everyone has the capacity to hate, and it's a sort of fly's eye view of the ultimate dysfunctional family. I suppose stories from school and things I have witnessed over the years have heavily influenced what I write about. There's no point in writing about stuff that doesn't mean anything to you, and it doesn't come across well live.

R13: You seem quite heavily involved in the whole process of making the video, is it something you enjoy doing?
WR: It's a labour of love and you want it to represent the song. I suppose having a director like Tom Barnes is the key. And an original label. The stress levels days before the video day rise to a head of steam when attempting to ship decrepit sofas across Surrey or fitting Bentleys into tiny garages, but it's fun and completely different to a desk job, I suppose. I spent a morning at Woking community furniture project pulling a green velour sofa out of a skip...Rock 'n' Roll!

R13: I understand there were some delays in getting the video shot...
WR: We didn't want to shoot it in a warehouse or on the roof of a high-rise building. I suppose it takes longer because ceramic ducks are an arsehole to find. Seriously: A set of 3 Beswick flying wall ducks are going for 200 pound online! We finally got some from a family friend and then the horror moment occurs when they drop off the wall and smash! We're still trying to word out apology.

R13: You've just started a quite lengthy UK, tour. How's that going so far?
WR: Amazing and filthy...our best tour to date. This is the tour to come to ladies and gents!

R13: Thanks Wil, and good luck with the rest of the tour!
WR: Cheers pal!

Max Raptor's new single Carolina is available to buy now, and the band are currently on tour with Hidamay. If you haven't already checked them out I strongly suggest you do so!