Deathcore seems to be an ever expanding genre of music these days but having been around since 2004, Veil Of Maya are no stranger to it.
Having had three successful studio albums; with number four just being released, a number of sold out shows across the globe and an increasingly large fan base, it's fair to say they'll be around for a couple more years.
We were lucky enough to sit lead guitarist Mark Okubo down for a quick chat before they took on London's Underworld, to discuss his thoughts on the tour so far, their new release; fourth studio album Eclipse and Zombies.

R13: So, you're currently on tour with Betraying the Martyrs and Structures, how's the tour going so far?
MO: It's amazing, I love this tour.

R13: How's the experience been, what's been the best show so far?
MO: On this tour? I think tonight is going to be the best show by far!

R13:Why do you think that?
MO: Well it's sold out from what I hear, and every time we've been to london its been amazing. It's one of my favourite places in Europe, but everyday has been a lot better than every other tour we've done here so it's really cool. I love London.

R13: Have you ever played London Underworld before?
MO: Yeah this is our third time here actually.

R13: Ok, so obviously you've toured all over the world, are there countries you want to tour, but haven't yet had the chance to?
MO: Yeah, we definitely want to go to Indonesia, India, we want go to Dubai, those are the three I want to go to the most actually.

R13:You recently released your fourth studio album have you had a lot of positive response?
MO: Yeah we have, it's been amazing actually. It is a short album because we originally intended on it coming out last year. We didn't have much time to write it, I wrote the music in like a month or so. So we wanted it to come out last year but it didn't work out that way, but it's been amazing so far. The only complaint is its too short but we realise that so it's all good.

R13:What's the biggest difference between this album and all the others?
MO: This album we just pretty much said fuck it and we're going put every idea in there, we're not going to limit ourselves by being a four piece band or anything like that. Like if we thought having a choir of kids singing over this bit would be cool wed just do it and put it on there, stuff like that.

R13: What's it like touring with bands from the same label as you?
MO: Its awesome, we have an awesome label. I love touring with bands on our label, it's interesting. Like progressive music is coming back, and its amazing that it's actually able to do things like this, so we can play in London and have a sold out show, it's amazing.

R13: Is it any different to touring with unsigned bands?
MO: Well it's different as all the bands on this tour have albums out, so that means that everyone contribute to the package. The reason I think this tour is going so well is because all the bands compliment each other very well, its not just one band pulling everyone, its everyone working together, and that's why I think its going so well.

R13: So, you're signed to Sumerian Records, was that the label you wanted to be signed to, or were there others you wanted?
MO: Well, when we first signed to Sumerian we were one of the very first bands. There was like three CD's out on Sumerian when we signed, and it was run out of Ash's apartment and now it's a real label. They've been really successful. We've been one of the pioneers for the label, and it's an honour. It's been amazing to watch grow, and we're so proud of everyone involved, and seeing how everyone has gone, I love everyone at Sumerian.

R13: You worked with Periphery's Misha Mansoor, how was the experience for you?
MO: He's one of my best friends and we've always been talking about working together on something so it was an honour to have him on the album with me. He helped me write a lot of the stuff, I couldn't say enough good things about him, he's the man,

R13: Is there anyone else you'd like to work with?
MO: Yeah we did actually talk to Joey Sturgis a little bit and we would be interested in working with him, but he's such a busy guy, I don't know how his schedules working. Maybe one day we'll get to work with him that would be cool.

R13:Who do you have the most respect for in the music industry?
MO: Oooh, that's a really hard question (laughs). I try and make friends with everyone I can in the music industry as I feel I have something to learn from everyone. Even the bands we bring out on tour with us I feel that they can all teach me something about music and about being a good person and just about everything. I can't narrow it down to one person, I just feel everyone I have met has contributed to the music I make and the person I am for sure.

R13: What's the music scene like in Illinois and how do fans compare there to fans in Europe?
MO: The music scene in Illinois is sick. We've been a part of it for a very long time so it's not the same as it used to be. Growing up all the bands we're really supportive and all helped formed me to who I am, and taught me the way they do it and I've always continued the tradition. We've come along way just from that, I mean, me and our drummer used to be in a band at like 15 years old, and the big bands out there used to bring us out and play shows with them and that's how we learned to do what we do now.

R13: So what's been the most enthusiastic show on this tour so far?
MO: On this tour? I want to say London even though we haven't played it yet but I guarantee that tonight's is going to be craziest so far on this tour. I don't know I mean everyday has been pretty cool, surprisingly, we had one show were there wasn't that many people there but everyone went crazy and it was awesome so we had a good time.

R13: If you weren't in a successful band what would you be doing?
MO: I would be either making video games on my computer or writing music for a sound track just something like that I guess. Making beats, maybe id be a dubstep DJ who knows (Laughs).

R13: Lastly, if you were in a zombie apocalypse, who would be the first to turn?
MO: Oooh, not me (laughs) probably our drummer.
R13: Why your drummer?
MO: He's just so chilled, he'd be like "hey man why you biting me arghhh" done (laughs). I like that question.