What's new in the world of Prog you ask? Well Verse Vica, hailing from North Carolina, are about to burst out on the scene with the release of their debut album Endeavor. The album will be released worldwide on 6th October and will take you on a journey into another realm of Prog Metal.

Alongside the main release, the band will also be releasing an instrumental version. Commenting on the release, guitarist Paul Meisner explained what it's all about, "Endeavor represents everything we love about modern progressive metal. Our goal when writing the album was to have it be a single cohesive and unbroken piece of music, yet still allow each song to retain their own unique identity. Whether someone wants to listen to it all at once, or if they want to break it up instead, each will be a different experience. Either way, we really hope people enjoy the record and we can't wait to share it with everyone!"


1: Airyth
2: Cities I: Cerulean
3: Verdugo
4: Ravenholm
5: Marumari
6: Djinn
7: Koholint
8: Cities II: Saffron


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