It's not been a huge amount of time since the release of Bury Tomorrow's critically acclaimed Black Flame but fans of the band will be delighted to hear all the details for what is set to be their sixth studio record. Landing on 3rd April, Cannibal will be coming our way via Music For Nations/Sony.

The band have reunited with producer Dan Weller who worked with them on their 2018 release, and vocalist Dani Winter has revealed just how brutally personal some of the writing on the record is, "This album is for me as well as for the fans. It was a cathartic process to address some of the darkest moments I've had in my life. For some people it'll be a hard listen. But I thought I have to do this, if I'm going to go in, I'm going to go in. I'm not doing something half arsed. There is nothing lyrically I would change on this entire album."

Dani also confirmed that the band started working on Cannibal almost immediately after the band released the deluxe version of Black Flame in June 2019 - "I want it to grow our fan base and capitalise what we did with Black Flame. Black Flame connected with a lot of people. I want Cannibal to take us to a new part of our career. It's a great starting point for a discussion, I'm excited for people to hear it."

Full tracklist:

1) Choke
2) Cannibal
3) The Grey (VIXI)
4) Imposter
5) Better Below
6) The Agonist
7) Quake
8) Gods & Machines
9) Voice & Truth
10) Cold Sleep
11) Dark Infinite

Mark 3rd April in your calendars!

Check out title track from the new record below: