Quit Your Dayjob have announced that the title of their latest full length album will be ‘Sweeden We Got A Problem’ and can be found in stores from September the 19th this year. It promises 16 songs in just thirty minutes of music.

Recorded in Mission Hall Studio in Sweden, it’s the the kind of record you’d expect from a band that is summed up easily in the following passage:

"...do not be afraid, not one soul will be forgotten or left behind when The Army of Freaks in the year 2016 will leave the earth and together establish a new home on the planet known as 231179. A bottle of Blue Sapp liquid will be consumed on the day of arrival to help you release your inner freak and then transform yourself into the true shape of OVE, the subhumanist that occupies 231179. Everyone will be free to do anything according to their own conscience. You will be given your own shuttle, a vehicle that will take you around the solar system of 231179, and give you the opportunity to baptise other freaks on other planets in the solar system..." (excerpt from The Freak Gospel by Quit Your Dayjob)