British hard rockers Viking Skull have been forced to drop off the upcoming Alice Cooper/Twisted Sister U.K. tour.

It would seem that in order for Twisted Sister to play a set of similar length to the headline act Alice Cooper, Viking Skull have been dumped from the line up, all this after the tour has been advertised and promoted and being scheduled for the past seven months.

In a statement Viking Skull have apologized to fans who may have bought tickets to the shows in the hope of catching them as the opening act, and there is little doubt as to who they're blaming for this.

"This has nothing to do with ALICE COOPER, whom VIKING SKULL have played with before and who was a total gent to the band. We're very sorry to anyone that bought tickets for those shows but we do have a headline tour starting in a few weeks time.

The bands new album 'Born In Hell' is now out and according to their official web site they have, "new, older, darker material to be recorded right after the tour. If you liked 'Chapter One' it'll be right up your street!"

For more on Viking Skull and to see exactly which venues they're playing and when over the next few weeks.