It would seem that American Head Charge have parted company with guitarist Karma Cheema. He has written the following on the band's official message board.

"Have you guys ever had a fight with a family member? Gets kinda personal, don't it? Side note... I will never be free of responsibility to my brother Bryan [Ottoson, late American Head Charge guitarist]. I have tears in my eyes thinking of him now. I would like to say that I owe him so much. He is the reason I was allowed to be a part of such an amazingly talented band that is American Head Charge. He was selfless enough to put his insecurities aside and welcome me into this forum of confusion. I say this because I think I might have been a hindrance to the progress of the band at one time. We didn't exactly see eye to eye at one time. He was big enough to put that aside and welcome me in his life. No bullshit. I will never forget his selflessness.

"American Head Charge is an amazing band. I am honored that I was ever a part of this artistic contribution. Truth: the band never needed me. They have more talent than a lot of small countries.

"The real truth: I am apparently a threat to life as AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE knows it. Truth being... this band doesn't know how to live in their own skin.
I have always been (if you will) a reality injection, I will never be anything else. Quite frankly, I don't care if you fuckers even understand.

The band are scheduled to arrive in the UK in early 2006 to tour with Soil and Panic Cell.
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