As Dre and Tupac nearly put it, 'Catalonia.... knows how to party.' Ok the
rappers may have been originally talking about LA but the Summercase
festival certainly got the locals hot and sweaty in Barcelona.

Starting with the shock horror smattering of light rain (proving that rain is a festival thing, even in Barca), the setting of an Industrial port gave a strange 1970s futuristic setting to it and the bands responded in kind.

Belle and Sebastian gave a main stage performance that shocked many with Stuart Murdoch coming across as the best front-man since Rod Stewart; Super Furry Animals treated us to their greatest hits and Daft Punk.....Daft Punk eventually showed up and rocked like no other robots could. All this and Massive Attack providing a one two of 'Teardop' and 'Angel' back-to-back made it an impressive opening night

It wasn't all victories though as Carl Barat needs a hug and The Cardigans need something a little bit stronger.

So if you want to know where Stuart Murdoch danced and nearly broke his neck, if you want to know who was the best looking Swedish woman onstage (and it may not be who you think) and lots, lots more, stay tuned to Room Thirteen for comprehensive coverage of the Summercase festival.