Falconer are delighted to announce the completion of their 5th studio album 'Northwind'. The album will be released as a limited first edition with a bonus CD of recordings of 4 Swedish folk songs and a video documentary of the album's recording.

Guitarist Stefan Weinerhall says of the album:
"'Northwind', the fifth album of Falconer is a return to the folkish style after some experiment on the last one. Very melodic and catchy, and with Mathias back on vocals he gives the album that extra epic touch that none other can do. The album is not a concept album although the title sums up the atmosphere of both the music and the lyrics. From catchy metal to sweet ballads to medieval minstrels gone electrified, there´s something for all tastes."

The album will be released on 25th September and the tracklisting reads as follows:
1. Northwind
2. Waltz with the dead
3. Spirit of the hawk
4. Legend and the lore
5. Catch the shadows
6. Tower of the queen
7. Long gone by
8. Perjury and sanctity
9. Fairyland fanfare
10. Himmel så trind
11. Blinded
12. Delusion
13. Home of the knave
14. Black tarn (instr)

Tracklist bonus CD:
1. Kristallen den fina
2. Ridom ridom
3. Liten vätte
4. Vårvindar friska